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Top Spicy Dishes in the FM

Each of our hot sauce reviewers were put to the test for their love as well as their tolerance of spice, so we asked them what their favorite hot dish (no we’re not talking tater tot here) from the FM area was. These dishes come highly recommended and absolutely adored-try one of them this month!

Brady Drake

Chicken Chili at Himalayan Yak

“Crispy, spicy… Sweet, I think? I don’t know, I’m not the best at identifying which part of my palate is being tickled by a particular dish. However, I think I know what tastes good, and the chicken chili from Himalayan Yak tastes fricken amazing. You can order it mild, medium, hot, extra hot, 2x extra hot, all the way up to 20x extra hot! If you are looking to test your limits, Fargo-Moorhead, this is the dish for you.

Himalayan Yak is the only place in town you will find this dish prepared in the saucy way that they do. My old favorite in town, Everest Tikka House, had the same dish.”

Himalayan Yak
Address | 1109 38th St S, Fargo
Website |
Facebook | /himalayanyakfargo

Brady does not play around when it comes to spice. When visiting his old favorite restaurant, he managed to clear the entire crowd out… check out this comment from one of the first stories he wrote when he started at Spotlight in 2019!

Levi Dinh

Thai Spicy Drunken Noodles from Leela Thai Cuisine

“This dish can be a slow burner, but it’ll get to you eventually. It consists of flat rice noodles with veggies, your pick of protein, and of course, no shy amount of Thai chili. That’s up to how daring you’re feeling, however. You can choose your spice level from no spice (boring) all the way up to Thai spicy. Leela Thai itself is actually infamous for not withholding spice when asked for. In 2021, the restaurant actually went viral on Twitter for placing a sign in their entryway stating, ‘We will no longer issue refunds when you order food spicy and can’t handle it.’ If you want to eat something that will make you run through napkins wiping the sweat off your forehead, Leela Thai will have something for you, as these spice levels are available through many of the dishes on the menu. In particular, though, the Thai spicy drunken noodles with mock duck are my go-to when I feel a little intrepid.”

Leela Thai Cuisine
Address | 1450 25th St S, Fargo
Website |
Facebook | /LeelaThaiCuisine
Instagram | @leelathaifargo

Gary Ussery

Spicy Chicken Tikka Masala at India Palace

“My wife and I love a good Tikka Masala date night and India Palace is our destination of choice. I usually order mine mild (with 4-5 sides of garlic naan), but when I’m feeling particularly daring I get it hot! You can’t go wrong with the protein, paneer (a kind of cheese), or veggie options but my go-to is chicken. The cream in the tikka masala does wonders helping balance the bite of the heat with the soothing flavor of the sauce. Served with a heaping bowl of amazing rice, you can’t go wrong with this dish. If the food is my favorite thing about India Palace, my second favorite is the welcoming atmosphere. You are guaranteed to be greeted with ‘Hello, my friend!’ every time you go. If you’re looking to spice up your date night be sure to give India Palace a go!”

India Palace
Address | 5050 13th Ave S Suite 3, Fargo
Website |
Facebook | /indiapalacefargo
Instagram | @indiapalacefargo

Jessica Mullen

Hot Carolina Gold Wings from Pub West

“These wings are savory and crispy, with flavors of mustard throughout. They aren’t too spicy, but they have a little kick to them. I enjoy this dish because who doesn’t like a good wing every so often? These aren’t just classic wings though, these have a unique flavor and are cooked to perfection. You can get them in traditional style or boneless and they go great with ranch, of course, and some celery. I am a big fan of mustard and the sauce definitely reminds me of the undertones mustard has. Don’t let the name sound intimidating, I would say they are maybe a 3/10 on the spice level, if that. Some would say that’s pretty wimpy for spice, but they are delicious so you won’t be disappointed.

These wings must be good if they are Jessica’s favorite ‘spicy dish,’ considering she is the only one who ranked herself higher after tasting the hot sauces. Check it out!”

Pub West
Address | 3140 Bluestem Dr, West Fargo
Website |
Facebook | /PubWestWestFargo
Instagram | @pub_west

Grant Ayers

Blaze It Burger from Pounds

“This burger is sure to leave some tears in your eyes! The Blaze It Burger is loaded with pepper jack cheese, bacon, jalapeños, crispy fried onions, and their secret ingredient: ghost pepper torch sauce! I enjoy this burger because it offers such a wide variety of flavors and isn’t overpowered by the intimidating levels of spice. Furthermore, it doesn’t rely on spice. For those who can’t handle the heat, they can order it without the torch sauce, and it will taste just as delicious! The Blaze It Burger pairs extremely well with any of Pounds’ signature drinks in the summer, such as the Spiked Capri Sun! This burger is sure to knock the socks off even the sharpest of spice savants but look no further than Pounds for some high-quality heat.”

Address | 612 1st Ave N, Fargo
Website |
Facebook | /POUNDSfargo
Instagram | @poundsfargo

Written by Geneva Nodland

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