Who's On Air: Amanda & Pike
Who's On Air: Amanda & Pike
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Who’s On Air: Amanda & Pike

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This month, we learned a little bit more about the people behind those voices we hear in the car every day! They’ve been our companions on the drive to work and they’ve delivered our local news and community updates, and now, we get to meet them in a whole new way. Get to know FargoMoorhead’s radio show hosts!

What is Pike & Amanda in the Morning?
Pike & Amanda in the Morning is a show that prides itself on being authentic. The chemistry between Pike and Amanda is real and has been forged over several years of working together. They genuinely get along and are constantly making each other laugh. It’s a very light-hearted listening experience that finds humor in almost any conversation.

With a combined radio legacy spanning three decades, “Pike & Amanda in the Morning” boasts hosts with long-lived radio histories, let’s meet them!

Pike began his radio journey during high school at a local country channel, evolving from weekend hosting duties and occasional appearances as a frog mascot to helming the morning slot. His journey began at Big 98.7 at its very inception in 2013. After a 2.5-year sojourn in Orlando, Florida, Pike came back to Fargo in 2023 to co-host the iconic “Pike & Amanda in the Morning.”

Amanda’s radio story began in Denver in 2008 when she interned for a morning show. The following year saw her relocating to Fargo to voice the morning slot on Froggy 99.9. She transitioned to Big 98.7 during its 2013 launch and hasn’t looked back since.

Pike & Amanda's Local Picks

Live music at Dempsey’s: Pike may be biased because his band frequently plays there, but catching a live show at Dempsey’s is a must in downtown Fargo. Lots of great local bands come through, and you can’t beat an Irish bar in the heart of downtown.

Tennis at Island Park: The park is full of beautiful trees and also tennis courts. Even if you’re bad at tennis, there’s nothing better than whacking a few tennis balls around with a friend on a sunny day in Island Park.

Trivia at Swing Barrel Brewing in Moorhead: One of their favorite breweries in town is Swing Barrel in Moorhead. They have trivia every Tuesday, which is always a great time.

Swing Barrel Brewing hosts a TON of fun events throughout the week and weekends. Watch out for upcoming events on their Facebook /SwingBarrelBrew.

Craziest moments on the Pike & Amanda in the Morning show?
“Live radio is always full of surprises, and that’s part of the fun! Every day brings new stories, and we’re here to share them with all of you, our wonderful listeners. Amanda was once offered $100 for her dirty socks by a listener. Pike nearly died while getting tased live onair—the taser got stuck in his back and didn’t stop pumping electricity for 18 seconds.” – Pike & Amanda

Who are Pike & Amanda—really?
Rocker: Other than being on the morning show, Pike is also the guitar player in the local band Low Standards. They have been a staple in the Fargo bar scene since 2014, playing 90s and 2000 classics along with their own catalog of pop-punk originals.

Golfer: He also is an avid golfer at Rose Creek Public Golf Course.

Pike owns his own wedding DJ business called Pike Presents.

Amanda is a full-time mom of 2 kids (Sidney, 4, and Briggs, 3).

She also is a part-time “wino” (nights and weekends), and also has an addiction to Dateline.

Pike & Amanda's Local Food Picks

Rustica in Moorhead: Go for happy hour and try the salmon dip.

Thai Orchid: The Pad Thai is delicious.

Arby’s in Moorhead: Pike would recommend the roast beef (he worked there so he is very familiar with the menu).

Pike & Amanda's Hidden Picks

The patio at the Grotto: It’s one of the best patios in town with great drink specials and just a cool vibe.

Fill your Tuesdays with the sounds of live, local music at the Martini Blu at the Grotto! Every Tuesday from 5-8 p.m., check out live artists inside through December.

Happy hour at Doolittle’s: The wings are incredible and when you get them on happy hour, it’s easily the best value in town.

China King Buffet in West Fargo:
This is the best Chinese buffet in the area (Pike has done the research).

Website | big987.com
Phone | 701-280-1987
Facebook | /pikeandamandainthemorning
Instagram | @pikeandamandainthemorning

Written by Geneva Nodland

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