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Escape the Ordinary with a Local FM Staycation at Brewhalla!

Stepping into Brewhalla feels like entering a lively world of excitement, where brews and conversations flow the same. With an open skylight and the buzz of people around, I I had the privilege of having myself a staycation at Brewhalla to experience this unique market-hotel-brewery from a fresh perspective

Day 1

Brewhalla Hotel 1
Each hotel room's design at Brewhalla is inspired by Drekker's beers. My room, the Ectogasm King Studio, was more like a shrine to sudsy sipping than a traditional hotel getaway—and, I loved it.

Checking in at Brewhalla was the most unique, yet easiest experience. Upon arrival, I bypassed a traditional check-in process, thanks to an emailed room passcode. A free six-ounce drink at the bar welcomed me, but my Ectogasm King Studio, adorned with beer-inspired art and a mural, quickly caught my attention.

When booking your stay, you can completely customize it from the beginning by adding on things like a case of Drekker beer, a cross stitch DIY kit from Unglued, a truffle box from Nicholes, Red River Refillery’s Eucalyptus Shower Steamers, a potted succulent from The Plant Supply, and much more!

After settling in, I explored the market below, enjoying a pizza from The Bird Woodfire Pizza before retreating to my room for the night.

Day 2

Brewhalla Nicoles Fine Pastry Thunder Coffee
For my early birds—Thunder Coffee is now open at 6 a.m. which include the , drive-through at Brewhalla!

Waking up sans alarm is an unmatched feeling, and waking up sans alarm and to free coffee—Brewhalla knows fine living. Complimentary coffee from Thunder Coffee is provided for Brewhalla Hotel guests and with my morning brew leading the way, I headed downstairs. The morning continued with treats from Nichole’s Fine Pastry and time spent working and editing photos, the environment too perfect for focus and creativity.

I have worked remotely at Brewhalla before during the week, but never hung out there on the weekend—let me tell you, there’s something in the air, something that completely gets me in the zone. Whether I want to focus on work, get creative, or partake in some classic escapism through a book—I can completely immerse when I’m there

I found a lot of new favorites this weekend, but by far, one of my highlights was finding out about the delightful daily soup and sandwich from Luna Market. I have always been far too distracted by the variety of meats, cheeses, and seafood in the cooler to notice the slips of paper sitting on top—which is what you conveniently fill out to build your sandwich.

Brewhalla Luna Market
You can order the sandwich (which is very filling btw) to be wrapped up to-go and enjoyed outside of Brewhalla or in any of the lounge spaces, or you can get it plated and sit at the bar on the opposite side and enjoy your meal in the thick of the market scene!

With my sandwich and a bowl of daily soup, I sat at the bar and gorged myself on the meal, barely saving room for dessert… but I’d have time for that later.

I was tempted to build and order a plate of meats and cheeses and a glass of wine at the bar to switch up from the coffee-brew combo I was drinking all weekend but made a mental note to bring my sister here to do that another time.

Brewhalla Sloosh 1

Needing to walk off the scrumptious lunch, I perused the market. Again, I have visited Brewhalla before, but usually on the hunt for specific things like a purple African violet from The Plant Supply or a goofy birthday card from Unglued. This time, I wanted to explore the vendors with a completely open mind and see what I could find.

I grabbed a refreshing Sloosh and wandered. Navigating the market was like being a kid in a candy store—if the candy was artisanal cheese and the kid had a penchant for pottery.

The afternoon was spent exploring vendors like Livin’ the Dream Pottery and Bark’n Biscuits Co., and checking out the unique offerings from dino-themed mugs to rainbow waffle doggie treats.

My weekend highlight was discovering Red River Refillery, a hidden find with a mission as cool as its products. This is THE place for those looking to lessen their environmental impact in a tangible, enjoyable way. Offering a range of affordable, packaging-free essentials like laundry detergent and shampoo, it supports sustainability and local business in one go.

Brewhalla Red River Refillery 1
Did you know? There's no need for coins to play pinball—there's an app that you can download and digitally buy credits to play... which is super convenient and incredibly dangerous because I kept buying more credits as I was getting heated over the Jaws Pinball Machine.

I was particularly excited to find they offer reusable alternatives to disposable items, such as those trendy glass cups and reusable cotton pads. This discovery aligns perfectly with my personal goal to reduce waste and dependency on single-use products, making sustainable living both convenient and local.

Brewhalla 2
Peep the white coffee gelato from Duchessa Gelato—my favorite flavor!

I found a cozy two-seater table tucked next to the railing overlooking the market on the second floor and went back to focus mode for a few hours.

Evening brought game night at Brewhalla, since my friends and I have been trying to get together for some competition without any of the us having to host. Utilizing the space for board games and pinball and enjoying a mix of food and drinks worked out perfectly. Sections of the second level can be rented and reserved for events, but even if they’re occupied, there are a ton of seating options for groups.

A few of us tried the new House of Noods + Buns spot—filling a desperately needed bao bun space that Fargo has been missing I might add—and it was game on from there.

Brewhalla House of Noods Buns
Our group snagged a three-couchone-table setup and brought some games ourselves, but Brewhalla actually has a variety of board games for you to grab and play
Brewhalla Game Night
Did you know? Drekker cans its own carbonated water for an N/A option, with flavors like guava, citra hops, and sparkling (or, plain), and they are certified good.

From groups of friends wandering, couples sharing a drink, solos peoplewatching, and even families enjoying treats—just about anyone, any age, visited Brewhalla throughout the day. Early Saturday morning, I even saw two friends meet for coffee with their babies, cozying up in the back corner, basking in the sun, and chit-chatting while their little companions babbled to each other.

When I finally made it back up to my room at the end of the night, I was ready to crawl into bed and zonk, but not without snacking on some goodies from Yeobo Sweet Shop inside Unglued.

Day 3

Day three was a lazy Sunday. Just like check-in, I received an email that morning with a link to virtually check out, making it so easy to pack up and be on my way. Yet again treating myself to the complimentary Thunder coffee for hotel guests, as well as another scone from Nichole’s, I headed out before another busy day began at Brewhalla.

It was oddly peaceful both mornings in the market, I made another mental note to remember that it tends to pick up around 10 a.m. on the weekends, but before that—it’s an incredible spot to relax and enjoy your morning.

This place, with its mix of charm, market buzz, and cozy hotel vibes, Brewhalla proves that you don’t need to go far to find something special. My staycation was a good reminder that the best memories can be made just around the corner, with good food, great beer, and even better company.

Learn more about Brewhalla at

Written by Geneva Nodland

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