Maple Family Dental: A Hero for Health in Horace
Maple Family Dental: A Hero for Health in Horace
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Maple Family Dental is a Hero for Health in Horace

Photos Provided by Maple Family Dental

Maple Family Dental, a veteran-owned and operated company located in Horace, ND, prides itself on community involvement, education, and excellence in dental care. The practice, steered by the husband-wife duo of Dr. Jonathan Bultema, DDS, and Tara Bultema, Oral Health Educator, is not just a practice—it’s an integral part of the community.

“Maple Family Dental is here to care for our community and families through the many changing seasons of life. We are thrilled to be a constant source of quality comprehensive dental care and encouragement through life’s ups and downs,” Dr. Bultema said. Their engagement extends to collaborative efforts with the ND Department of Health, facilitating Preventative Dentistry in local schools.

The team at Maple Family Dental is not just focused on fixing teeth; they’re focused on enhancing lives through personalized dental treatments, delivered by a highly skilled team. Tara is always championing the practice’s three-pronged approach: Education, Excellence, and Experience. “All treatments are customized to fit personal needs, with detailed advice on the advantages or disadvantages of one treatment or another,” she said.

Maple Family Dental is involved in the Red River Dental Access Clinic and Donated Dental services as volunteers. Their community outreach doesn’t stop at the local level. Maple Family Dental’s contributions span across homeless shelters, non-profit organizations, overseas dental missions, toy drives, food drives, and sponsorships. They are ingrained in community events, epitomizing their tagline: “We Care About YOU…And Your Teeth.”

Maple Family Dental’s excellence hasn’t gone unnoticed. They have been honored as the Forum’s Red River Valley “Best Dental Office” and Locals Luv Us “#1 Dentist” for seven consecutive years. Their accolades also include the “Excellence in Comprehensive Dentistry” award in 2021 from Heartland Study Club and being dubbed a “Dental Influencer” by Kleer in 2018. Additionally, they were finalists for the FMWF Chamber Choice Awards “Entrepreneur of the Year” and “Best Small Business” awards.

“Just like a Maple seed may start small when it’s planted, it grows into a large tree that provides for its community,” Dr. Bultema said.

Since its inception seven years ago, Maple Family Dental has educated thousands through their oral health education initiative, staying true to their mission of caring about people, serving through dentistry, and influencing the community for the Glory of God. Through their unwavering commitment, they continue to foster a culture of education, experience, and excellence.

We Care About YOU…And Your Teeth.

Maple Family Dental

594 Main St N, Horace, ND 58047
Facebook | /MapleFamilyDentalND

Written by Brady Drake

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