Who's On Air: Dan Virchow AKA Chow
Who's On Air: Dan Virchow AKA Chow
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Who’s On Air: Dan Virchow AKA Chow

Photo by Gary Ussery

Recognized widely as “Chow,” Dan Virchow is the iconic afternoon drive voice of Q105.1 Rocks, having been with the station since its foundation in 2013. After completing his studies at South Dakota State University in 2012, Chow relocated to Fargo, but embarked on a global rock ‘n’ roll adventure. Not just a seasoned radio host, Dan is also a skilled photographer, collaborating with renowned bands such as Slipknot, Corey Taylor, and Cherry Bombs during their world tours as a dynamic content creator. Frequently broadcasting on the go, tuning in means you’re always in for a surprise about where Chow is or the intriguing tales he’s got to share!

Craziest moments on Q105.1 Rocks with Chow?

Milk Mustache: “When you work in radio, you tend to have access to a lot of concert tickets, and people will do just about anything to get their hands on them. Volbeat was playing in Fargo, and two of our employees were willing to do just about anything for a meet and greet with the band. My co-host at the time was a cat named Gunner Haznogunz, and his wife had recently had a baby. It was obvious to us what the two employees were going to have to do to meet the band: each drink a glass of his wife’s breast milk. They gladly obliged!”

Laying the Smackdown: “For some reason, rock radio and pro wrestling go hand in hand. Throughout my time in radio, there have been many instances where those worlds have collided. I’ve done in-ring introductions for IMPACT Wrestling and have even competed in local wrestling promotions several times. Two-time champion, baby! (Both reigns ended horribly.)”

Who is Dan “Chow”—really?

 Photography/videography: “Memories are the only real currency in life. Capturing moments in time is really my favorite thing to do.”

Music: “I love live music. A passionate concert crowd creates an unmatched energy. I also play in bands once in a while, and if you see a band I’m in on a stage near you, be prepared: the show is almost certain to be terrible!”

Kickin’ it with the boys: “Does hanging out with friends count as a hobby? It should. There’s really nothing better than having a great time with your friends. You can see the world, accomplish all of your goals, and have all of your dreams come true, but none of that matters unless you have people you care about to share those successes with.”

Chow's Local Picks

Concerts at Bluestem Amphitheater: The Bluestem Summer Concert Series might be the most pro-attendee event you’ll ever go to. Every need of a concertgoer is tended to, including food choices, unique beverage options, access to earplugs if you need them, and of course access to an unbelievable music venue.

Dia Del Taco at Fargo Brewing Company: Tacos and pro wrestling. That’s it. That’s the event. It’s perfect.

SDSU Beating NDSU at FARGODOME: As an SDSU alum, this has become one of my favorite events to enjoy once every two years. Go Big, Go Blue, Go Jacks!

What is Q105.1 Rocks with Chow?

Afternoons on Q105.1 with Chow can best be described as UNPREDICTABLE. Any radio standard or rule is entirely disregarded when he’s on the air. Most days, even Chow doesn’t know where he’ll be broadcasting from! His show could emanate from a casino in Las Vegas, an ancient coliseum in Southern France, or amidst the roaring engines at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. It’s adventurous, outrageous, and fun. It’s an unstructured, renegade program— and he wouldn’t have it any other way!

Chow's Local Food Picks

Sickies Garage: Sickies started in Fargo and has since expanded all across the country because of its unique burger creations. I was fortunate enough to create my own fire-breathing monster burger. THE CHOWZILLA. It’s huge, almost too spicy, and has a bad attitude. Finishing a CHOWZILLA burger has been shown to improve mental clarity and enhance athletic ability. However, these studies were conducted by me (Chow) and your results may vary.

The Tavern: Let’s put it this way; when my family comes to town to visit, I take them to The Tavern. Excellent variety and a reliably good dish. Plus, I always get a kick out of how massive the doors are when you walk in. Who doesn’t love a cool door?

Lucky’s 13: Cool vibe, great food, and very festive. This place goes all out with the decorations each year during Halloween. It’s awesome

Written by Geneva Nodland

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