Who's On Air: Amy Kaye & Zero
Who's On Air: Amy Kaye & Zero
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Who’s On Air: Amy Kaye & Zero

Photo by Gary Ussery

The Morning Playhose on Y94

Zero and Amy Kaye are the dynamic duo behind Y94’s The Morning Playhouse in FargoMoorhead. Amy, hailing from Illinois, has graced every time slot on Y94 since her 2015 debut, with a rich background from The Illinois Center for Broadcasting to hosting diverse segments in Taylorville, IL. Zero, an MSUM graduate, wandered into Y94 in 2003 and became an irreplaceable fixture, marking over 16 memorable years on The Morning Playhouse. From finding love at the station to venturing into fatherhood, his Y94 journey has been profound. Together, they’ve not only garnered top ratings but have also cultivated a “Playhouse Family,” offering a unique radio experience for their listeners!

What is The Morning Playhouse on Y94?

The Morning Playhouse on Y94 kickstarts listeners’ mornings with laughter and entertainment, ensuring they’re never out of the loop during office chatter. With Zero and Amy Kaye, the show serves up a rich blend of the hottest music, celebrity gossip, and interactive segments that are all about listeners. For those caught up in a dating dilemma, the “Second Date Update” might be a ticket to closure, or perhaps a second shot at love. For those in need of advice or just a heart-to-heart, “Group Therapy” and “The Love Doctors” are there to lend an ear and a helping hand. As Zero said, “It’s your circus, we’re the monkeys.”

Amy & Zero's Local Picks

Red River Market: Enjoy the outdoors in downtown Fargo while the weather is nice. Go for the food trucks. Try spring rolls, bloody marys, juices, and hot dogs!

Downtown Wine Down: Sample wines, seltzers, and snacks. If you are someone who doesn’t know much about wine, this is the place to start— you can sample them to find your favorites!

Love Your Locals Small Business Expo: Eat, drink, and shop—Find new small businesses from the FM area that you might not have known about.

Hosted by Love Your Local FM Area, featuring food, drinks, local shopping, swag, and much more, this free, annual event hosts over 50 small businesses. Head to Facebook at /Love Your Local FM Area for updates on the next event!

Who are Amy & Zero—really?

Trivia Master: Whether it’s trivia at a local bar (Pub West on Wednesdays) or playing at home.

Scattergories: I [Amy] love this game, it’s usually just my fiancé and I playing, and I am usually winning. We just bought an updated version of the game but I like the original the best.

Day drinker: In the summer you will find me [Amy] on a patio with a beer and preferably live music

Dad: Oh I’m (Zero) a dad. That takes up all my outside Y94 time.

Craziest moments on The Morning Playhouse on Y94?

“At the Roughrider Ink & Iron Expo in Fargo I thought I should go all in and get a tattoo while I was live on air. It was more difficult than I thought, you could hear the pain in my voice. The tattoo was even drawn by a Y94 listener.” – Amy

“In an insanely special moment on The Y94 Morning Playhouse, My boyfriend Steven (now fiance) surprised me LIVE ON AIR during The Playhouse to propose! And… I of course said yes!” – Amy

“I got to be part of helping Amy’s fiance propose on live radio—and somehow I managed not to spill the beans before the special day! Nothing is more beautiful than THOUSANDS being part of the proposal but getting to be the only person with a front-row seat!” – Zero

“Donna The Deer Lady is just one of those moments that as it’s playing out, you know you’ll be hearing about forever. I honestly think someday I could be in a nursing home, mention Y94 as a little old man and another little old man will go, ‘They really should move those deer crossing signs dontchaknow!’ and we’ll have a good laugh over some Jell-O!” – Zero

A little back story—Y94 caller, Donna, went viral for complaining about “deer crossing” signs, thinking that they were marking spots on the road for deer to cross… not realizing it was a warning for drivers that deer may cross the road!

Amy & Zero's Local Food Picks

GP’s Greek Kitchen: No matter the season you have to order the Avgolemono soup—lemon chicken and rice, it’s the best! Friendly staff and leftovers!

Puerto Vallarta: Try the Queso Fundido! For now, you can only order it as the daily special, but I heard it will be added to the menu soon—the Quesabirria Tacos.

Amy & Zero's Hidden Picks

The Dove’s Nest Boutique: The owner Kelli, is the sweetest person I [Amy] have ever met! She helps pair outfits together and find you the perfect fit. Jeans, dresses, sweatshirts—this place has something for everyone no matter the style you are looking for!

Glacial Peak Cryotherapy: It’s like a battery recharge for your body! Pam at Glacial Peak is wonderful and can help you find the right services to get the pep back in your step! The benefits I have noticed right away when I step out, are a mood boost, and it gives me more energy, and at night I am sleeping like a baby. Plus if you are like me and struggling with adult acne—try the Cryo-facials!

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Written by Geneva Nodland

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