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Meet Local Young Professional Pablo Rochina Lobo

Where do you call home?

I was born in Valencia (Spain) in the year 2000. Valencia the third largest population in Spain and it enjoys the best climate throughout the year, located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, with a great gastronomy.

I have been very lucky with my family (parents, sister, uncles, and grandparents) they have always helped me grow and have given me great guidance throughout my life. Jorge and Ana (my parents) are my references in this life, very hard-working and above all: very good people. They both studied law and currently, each one works in a different sector.

My mother works in the courthouse of Valencia and my father is a Broker who specializes in trading nuts. Finally, my sister Natalia is 19-years-old and studies psychology in Valencia.

I am currently studying Business Administration and Management at the University of Valencia.

My hobbies are football, tennis, hanging out with my friends, and spending time with Claudia, my girlfriend, who I am enormously grateful for having known. It has helped me grow a lot on a personal level and she is a great support for me. Two weeks ago, she crossed the world to come see me in Fargo; she loved Fargo and its people.

I have always thought that speaking English is paramount to succeed in international business. Therefore, I have always considered it very important in life to have experiences away from home to mature, grow, and gain experience in all senses.

My first experience abroad was not good. At the age of 15, I went to Vancouver to spend a summer, possibly it was a first experience far from home and with a difficult host family. Despite this, I did not give up and from there, I told myself that if others could do it, I could too. At the age of 19, I spent an unforgettable summer in Fargo in which I thoroughly enjoyed myself with an amazing family that made me feel at home and for whom I will always be deeply grateful for. When you feel loved everything usually goes much better.

Last year I studied for a semester in Utah with a scholarship provided by Weber State University. I am currently in Fargo (ND) doing my business internship at Red River Commodities and I will graduate this summer from the University of Valencia.

Did you start working at Red River Commodities?

Regarding my experience in Fargo, first I would like to thank Red River Commodities. They have given me the opportunity to do an internship in their company. It is an honor and a privilege to be able to learn so much while gaining experience in one of the most important national and international companies for the production and export of sunflower seeds.

I am amazed by the kindness and predisposition of every one of the members of the company: from the president to the person seated next to me. My family business in Valencia has been working for many years with Red River Commodities. Jose Luis Rochina (my grandfather) and international brokers Jorge Rochina (my father) are nuts brokers in Spain and import many products worldwide for Spanish consumption and beyond.

Why should other international young professionals come to work in the Fargo community?

I think that for any business student, it is essential to speak fluent English and have professional experiences that will help you grow as a person. An internship in a good company will always help you to know how companies do business and how they work with their industry.

It is not the same to study at your university and to pass the exams to understand the reality of the job market, the great effort, and the dedication that it requires. I believe that there is no better place than the United States to know the true spirit of a job well done and daily dedication to contributing more to your company. In the United States, many people live for their company. It is always something enviable because as we can see they are the #1 world economy, and this is not by chance.

How would you describe the Fargo area and your experience to a friend in Spain?

I have nothing but good words. First, its people are super hospitable, kind, and friendly. I have been very lucky because I have met many people and made many friends including a great friend who speaks magnificent Spanish and from whom I have learned a lot. The ones I played soccer with, we tried ice fishing, and we went to the lakes for a few days.

I have learned something in the United States: if you make an effort, speak with people, and be kind, they will return it multiplied by 1000. I think that this world lacks people like the ones you find in Fargo. I imagined the city being very small, but it is very wide to the point that you need a car to be able to go anywhere because the distances are significant.

I recommend all my friends to come to Fargo even if it is a visit of a few days because it is worth it, and they will be able to have unique experiences like the one I have had.

What are your career goals and vision for 2030?

This question is somewhat difficult because life often takes many turns. But in the future, I see myself forming a beautiful family and above all, the most important point for me in this life: to enjoy what I do and be happy. I think that in our daily life, we cannot continually complain that we do not like our life or what we do, because in the end, a large part of your life is based on your attitude and your routines. Things do not change and improve by chance, but everything which changes requires effort and work, and with that, you can get as high as you want and achieve all your goals.

No one wants to be separated from their family, significant other, and friends at first, but I think that the little effort that I have made has and will improve my life in many aspects. On a professional level, I know that I love sales and building personal relationships so I see myself working in any activity related to sales and maybe in the future to be able to have my own company.

Written by Alexandre Cyusa

Alexandre Cyusa came to the FM area in the fall of 2010 to attend Concordia College. Originally from Kigali, Rwanda, Cyusa has lived in Switzerland, Ethiopia, Guinea and France. His traveling experiences have helped him in making this world a smaller and simpler place to live in. He currently works for Folkways and is interested in community development and nurturing global citizenship.

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