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Discover The Zone Where West Fargo’s Heart Beats Loudest

Over in West Fargo, or maybe we should refer to it as the land of the dive bars, The Zone stands as a staple in the community, even if it’s no larger than an average trailer home. With a community steeped in local loyalty and a touch of the unexpected, The Zone has carved out a special place in the hearts of its patrons, new and old.

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Owner Josh Nelson’s journey with The Zone is one of endings leading to new beginnings. After a pandemic-induced job transition, Josh landed at The Zone, with 15 years of bar experience behind him. Beginning as a blackjack dealer at the bar, he found himself slowly easing into the community of the bar; not necessarily out of his hesitancy, but rather letting the loyal crowd get to know him as he got comfortable. This ease into the “Zone Community” eventually led him to more and more opportunities and last year he co-bought the business. Now, he solely owns The Zone and has been working to not only make it the familiar home-away-from-home it is but to grow and welcome in newcomers through events and specials!

What to Know

The Zone first opened its doors in 2006 and has since become a local fixture. It was originally named The Work Zone Bar, but rebranded to The Zone—although you’ll still hear regulars calling it the Work Zone!

The bar offers a range of appetizers, burgers, sandwiches, pizza, and more—with hopeful plans to expand the kitchen in the future!

While special events take up a lot of the bar’s time; weekly events like Trivia, Karaoke, Bingo, and more fill in the gaps and bring in a lot of patron participation— here’s the schedule:

Since Josh’s ownership, The Zone doubled its sales in
the first year and continues to grow.

The Zone is event-driven, hosting everything from wrestling events and drag shows to more unique ones like an adult prom, which turned into a cherished memory for its attendees and is now an eagerly awaited annual event.

  • Tuesdays, Poker League (New in February!)
  • Wednesdays, Trivia at (a loose) 7 p.m.
  • Fridays, Bingo
  • Saturdays, Karaoke

Make sure you follow along on Facebook to keep up with weekly and special events!

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Our Rating

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The Zone truly is the definition of community—the simple joy of a place where everyone feels welcome. With a team that has an almost 100% retention rate and a regular crowd that has survived management, menu, and even interior changes, the bar boasts a family-like atmosphere, shown through fundraisers and events that are not just social occasions but charitable efforts to support and remember their cherished regulars and their families who are in need. This sense of unity and compassion makes The Zone a truly special and endearing dive bar in the FM area.

701 Main Ave E, West Fargo
Facebook | /thezonebar
Instagram | @thezonebar

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Written by Geneva Nodland

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