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12 Unique Things You Didn’t Know Were at SCHEELS!

By Jenny Johnson

Raised in the Fargo-Moorhead area, I have been to SCHEELS many times, however, this time I was on a mission to find unique things that the community might not know are at SCHEELS. Come along with me as I share 12 Unique Things You Didn’t Know Were at SCHEELS!

#1. Pet Care Items

When you think of SCHEELS, you might not think about pet care—however they have everything from pet food, toys, leashes, pet clothes, and so much more. Stop by and pick something up for your pet!

hanging dog clothing at scheels

#2. Homemade Pizza Essentials

pizza sauce on scheels shelves
dry pizza dough mix on scheels shelves

When I approached the pizza aisle, I was shocked to find all of the ingredients to make homemade pizza. I knew they had pizza ovens, but didn’t realize they had everything you need to actually make the pizza, from dough mixes, to sauce, and even seasoning just for pizza. After seeing the pizza oven selections, I immediately added this to my wish list. How fun would it be to have an outdoor pizza-making night with the kids? 

pizza oven box at scheels

#3. Largest Selection of Stanley Cups

Okay, so I wasn’t surprised SCHEELS had Stanley Cups, however, I was shocked at the number of different color options, styles, and sizes they carry. It has been fun watching this brand transition its demographic via marketing and take off to new heights. If you are looking for a new cup, check out SCHEELS to find your perfect color match!

shelves of stanley tumblers at scheels

#4. All Things Baby

baby bag brand itzy ritzy

I had no idea that SCHEELS carried pacifiers, bibs, clothes, diaper bags, strollers and so many other items. While I was there, I saw the cutest diaper bag by Itzy Ritzy, not only was it stylish but also functional. If you are preparing for a new little one yourself or heading to a baby shower, stop at SCHEELS to pick up the perfect items.

#5. Toyland

Walking around Toyland at SCHEELS brought back the nostalgia of being a kid. I was a big Barbie lover when I was young, and now that I have a daughter, she’s following in my footsteps. I couldn’t believe how many options they had. Not only do they have a large selection of Barbies, but they also have the most impressive LEGO sets I have ever seen. I can’t wait to take my kids to pick out some fun toys!

lego box set at scheels
packaged barbies hanging at scheels

#6. Lunch at Ginna’s Cafe

ginna's cafe worker serving lunch

I always knew that SCHEELS had a coffee shop but I didn’t realize it was a cozy lunch destination, too. They have many different options to choose from but I was lucky to visit on a day when they had a fried chicken bowl with my favorite… mashed potatoes. The team in the cafe was so friendly and even humored me while I filmed them making my lunch. Next time you’re looking for a lunch spot, or need a break mid-shopping trip, visit Ginna’s Cafe for delicious homemade dishes. Your tastebuds will thank you!

#7. Air Diffusers

I was surprised when I came across air diffusers at SCHEELS.  While I’m not sure why this stuck out to me, it truly made me realize that they have anything you could ever need (including batteries). As I was reviewing the Pura air diffuser box, I read that this brand features a smart innovation where you can control several features including a timer, the scent strength, and much more. Since this trip, we’ve bought one for our home and couldn’t be happier. 

woman holding up diffusers

#8. Heated Winter Gear

woman pointing at heated winter coats
boxes of heated winter gear

I am a little embarrassed about this, but I had no idea you could buy heated jackets. Living in the Midwest, I feel this is a miss on my part. Not only can you get a heated jacket, but SCHEELS also has heated gloves, hats, socks and of course, blankets. These heated jackets are powered by a five-volt rechargeable battery and can heat for up to four and a half hours. Plus, you can talk to a SCHEELS Expert to find the perfect fit for you.

#9. Designer Perfume (and Cologne)

You might not know that SCHEELS stocks designer perfume and cologne, carrying brands like Coach, Jimmy Choo, Juicy Couture, as well as Versace, Giorgio Armani, Prada and so many more. If you are looking for a new scent or a great gift idea, check out SCHEELS, as they have it all! 

shelves with designer perfume

#10. Pool Floaties

pool floaties hanging
packaged pool floaties

Walking past the camping and outdoors section made me excited to get outdoors and more specifically, on the water. Not only did they have life jackets and puddle jumpers for the kiddos, but they also have pool floaties and the cutest little floating cup holders that I brought to my girl’s trip to California. Stop at SCHEELS and stock up on all the pool and lake essentials you can imagine!

#11. Bath and Shower Bombs

The bath and shower bomb section of the store smells so good! They have numerous scents and sizes that you can mix and match. They are super affordable and make for a unique gift! 

colorful bath bombs lining a shelf
table full of mini bath bombs with a sign saying bath bomb marbles

#12. Jewelry and Fashion Accessories

woman smiling in a stylish hat at scheels

Walking around SCHEELS, I had to control myself because I loved everything. From jewelry, purses, hair accessories, and more. I also came across the cutest hats I have ever seen. If you have a fun occasion coming up, stop by SCHEELS to elevate your style.


It was a fun day exploring SCHEELS and taking some time to discover new and unique items. You’re bound to find not only what you’re looking for, but so much more. SCHEELS truly is a one-stop shop for the whole family, pets included! 


Check them out online: www.scheels.com 

Written by Jenny Johnson

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