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Fargo Moorhead West Fargo Youth Lacrosse
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Youth Sports Feature: Moorhead Youth Lacrosse

Moorhead Youth Lacrosse offers lacrosse to both boys and girls from ages 5-14. The program strives to offer elite lacrosse training to prepare kids for high school, while also teaching kids life lessons like good sportsmanship and teamwork. They also offer club lacrosse opportunities and camps throughout the year.

Back in 2013, The Red River Valley Lacrosse Association (RRVLA) began offering club lacrosse to Fargo, Moorhead, and surrounding areas. Over the next few years, high schools in Minnesota were slowly adding lacrosse teams to their program, and some Moorhead parents who had kids in RRVLA wanted to bring the sport to Moorhead at the youth level, and also add it to its high school program. This group of passionate parents started the Moorhead Youth Lacrosse Association (MYLA) in 2017. From there, they petitioned and helped fundraise, and in 2018, Moorhead High School sanctioned boys and girls lacrosse team.

America's Fastest-Growing Sport

Starting from the youth level all the way to the pros, Lacrosse is the fastest-growing sport in the country. Due to its increasing popularity, lacrosse is being and streamed more, helping drive the demand for the sport.

If you’ve never watched or played lacrosse before, think of it as a mixture of basketball, hockey, and soccer. Naturally, kids that play these sports fall in love with this sport after they see it or try it. “Word of mouth is another reason why I think the sport is growing in the area,” MYLA Vice President Mitch Lau said. “More kids are playing lacrosse and telling their friends about it. The successes the Moorhead boys’ and girls’ teams have had in the state are driving attendance and making our youth want to be part of the tradition.”

Did you know?
Last year Moorhead Youth Lacrosse Association had its first annual Lacrosse Tournament hosting teams from MN, ND, and SD.

What Parents Can Expect From A Season Schedule

Registration starts in January 2024 and goes until April. The season itself kicks off in April and goes until the end of June. Kids that play on 10U, 12U, and 14U teams will have two to three weekends of travel. Teams will practice twice a week on weekdays. All games are played on the weekends with an occasional Friday game depending on tournament schedules. Teams will see typically 15-20 games.

My child has never played before—is the league a good fit for “new to the sport” youth?

“We encourage all kids who have a desire to play lacrosse to come out and play,” Lau said. “A lot of our players are new to the game and have limited experience. One thing that is great about lacrosse is that people of all skill levels play the sport and are successful because it’s not just about pure physical size and athleticism. We also have a lot of excellent coaches with lots of experience in the sport that will make your child feel comfortable and confident.”

I am a parent and I’m interested in getting involved with the league—are you looking for volunteers or coaches?

“If you would like to get involved with our organization, please reach out to us! Reffing in the area is one of our biggest challenges, and we would love to assist you in getting certified. We could always use more volunteers and coaches as well. We are always looking for more people to join our team!” – Mitch Lau

Did you know?
The Spuds boys’ team three-peated their way to state again and took the consolation championship in the state. The Spuds girls’ team made it to the section finals. Not bad for a school that’s only had a team for 5 years!

About Mitch Lau, Vice President, MYLA

“Ever since I got to watch my son play this sport, I fell in love with it. Not long after he started, my four daughters started playing, and I fell in love with the girl’s game. It’s a great sport that’s extremely fun to watch. Although I no longer have a child playing in the youth association, I stay on the board because I am passionate about watching the sport grow and thrive in the area. I plan to stay on the board for years to come.”

Ready to Register?

You can find registration information and everything else at moorheadlacrosse.com

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Written by Brady Drake

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