Realtor Feature: Elizabeth Nelson
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Realtor Feature: Elizabeth Nelson

Although Elizabeth Nelson has been with PARK CO., REALTORS® for the past 16 years as both a REALTOR® and Broker, her resume expands far beyond the home industry. From being a lead vocalist for a blues band to training and showing dogs, to even co-running a hobby farm, Nelson is one of those salt-of-the-earth people who has a true zeal for life.

Nelson was born and raised on a farm near Sabin, MN, showing various animals in 4-H and enjoying all that farm life has to offer. She graduated from University of North Dakota in 2003 with a bachelor’s in clinical psychology and a minor in forensic science.

In 2007, she joined PARK CO. as a full-time REALTOR® and also holds her Broker’s License. Over the years, Nelson has also been the lead vocalist for several blues bands in the metro area. Today, her hobbies include training and showing her Doberman and whippets in various venues, running her hobby farm with her fiancé Neal, and continuing to remodel their home in Horace, ND.

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Life as a Singer

“I never intended to front a blues band,” Nelson said. “I happened to sing at a REALTOR® function and a short while later a REALTOR® who was also a musician called me to see if I was interested in filling a lead vocal spot in their band.” And even though the band went through a few members, transitions, and names throughout those three years, Nelson loved every minute of it.

“My time spent singing was a huge confidence builder,” she said. While she had experience with singing in high school and college, lead vocals in a band was never an opportunity Nelson thought she’d have, so she lept at the opportunity

“A few things people might not realize is you work very hard for very little money,” she said. “Sure a well-known national band does really well. However, your local musicians are truly in it for the passion to share their music. It’s long hours, late nights, lots of setup, tear down, and you get hardly anything at the end—but it is some of the most fun you will ever have.”

Even today, Nelson still gets stopped on the streets by fans who were impacted by her music. And that’s what it was all about for her; connecting people from all walks of life through music.

“[Music] makes people feel joy, remember loved ones, and fall in love,” she said. “Music is capable of taking away stress, and making them feel every emotion possible. Creating that for people is a pretty amazing thing!”

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Hobby Farm Life

Nelson’s love for the hobby farm life can be traced back to her childhood, growing up in a family that was passionate about animals. It’s no wonder that as soon as she purchased some acreage of her own, she quickly filled it with critters.

Her hobby farm in Horace has all kinds of fun animals, including two Southdown lambs (Crumpet and Marmalade), hens, six baby chicks with more coming this fall, and four dogs—including a new puppy! Inside the house, she has a cockatiel named Soy Sauce.

Aside from all the routine chores of feeding the animals, Nelson also trains her dogs and works them on various skills for showing. “I have several very successful show dogs… after growing up showing horses, moving onto dogs just made sense,” she said. Nelson researched Krieger, who is her oldest Doberman and is now retired. Krieger has shown at Westminster in NY and has had a very successful show and breeding career.

“He’s produced some very loved family dogs and some really nice show dogs, including his daughter, Tallulah, who has exceeded all expectations for me,” Nelson said. “She’s not just a great show dog, but she’s also an awesome worker, excelling at agility, obedience, and scentwork.” Nelson also has two whippets, Maya, who is also a finished show dog, and her nephew, Macho, who is just eight weeks and will start his show career this winter. “I love the sport of purebred dogs, it’s definitely a huge passion and a Iove to share as well.” Nelson also teaches conformation and agility classes at the Fargo Moorhead Kennel Club. 

"My Dad always said, 'Drive Fast, Take Chances.' Definitely words I try to live by."

Elizabeth Nelson with her show Doberman, Hrieger
Elizabeth's Southdown lambs, Marmalade and Crumpet
Elizabeth working and training her show dog

For Buyers

Keep in mind the 80-10-10 Rule

If it has 80% of what you want, 10% you can change, and the last 10% you can live with, then it’s probably the house for you! No house is perfect.

Written by Brady Drake

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