The Canned Water Thats Taking Over
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The Canned Water That’s Taking Over: Liquid Death

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What is Liquid Death?

Liquid Death is a canned water brand with a goal to make the healthiest thing you can drink (water) as fun, if not more fun, to walk around with as beer. Canned in “tall boys” and branded with a melting skull, Liquid Death wouldn’t look out of place at a bar, party, or festival.

What's in a name?

Pre Liquid Death, the bottled water industry primarily consisted of mountain imagery and sophisticated branding. Then in 2019 a different player joined the field. Ironically named, Liquid Death’s branding definitely stood out, and their tagline “Murder your Thirst” is about as “on brand” as you can get.

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Adding another layer to this water is their aluminum packaging. Not only does it stand out, but it’s also more sustainable. So, when you’re hydrating you’re also helping the environment—or as they appropriately say on every can, “Death to Plastic.”

Is it Alcoholic?

The long answer here—no.

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Is it just water?

The Liquid Death brand offers still and sparkling water, flavored sparkling water options, and most recently tea! All of the names are of course ironically (and morbidly) themed, but would you expect anything less?

Newly released

There are three new sparkling water flavors we know you’ll be dying to try.

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Grave Fruit – Grapefruit
Squeezed To Death – Orange
Cherry Obituary – Cherry

Written by Geneva Nodland

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