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Wine Tour: Red Trail Vineyard

Meet the owners of Red Trail Vineyard, Rodney and Susan Hogen, who started their winery when the local industry was in its infancy.

Early Beginnings

According to Rodney, the local grape and wine industry was just beginning in 2003.

“Greg Kemple, who had the second winery in the state, Maple River Winery, asked me if I would be interested in growing grapes,” Rodney said. “At that time, I didn’t know if grapes would even grow in North Dakota. After some research, I found there were many new varieties of cold climate grapes that would survive our cold winters. After many trips to check out the vineyards in southern Minnesota, I decided to try this new adventure and in June of 2003, I planted our first vines called King of the North. That first year a deer fence was built and trellises for the vines. Later that winter I took my first trip to Oregon, to wine country, and learned many things. I made many stops at local wineries in the Willamette Valley and learned one thing—you didn’t need a winery to do what I really wanted to. So, In the spring of 2004, I found a 100-year-old grainery and moved it to our property that fall. Next, we began work on reconstruction. After 8 months, we were ready to open. On Memorial weekend of 2005, we opened our doors to the Red Trail Tasting Room.

As the years continued we began serving suppers every Friday night during the season, with a different menu each week. Our suppers have been a big success and continue to grow—reservations only! Another addition this year is the construction of the RV Park. After many delays, we are finally ready to open. Next year we will be celebrating our 20th year of growing grapes.”

What They Serve

All of the wines served at Red Trail Vineyard are made from grapes grown on their property. Currently, they have eight different varieties growing at this time. All of the Red Trail Vineyard wines are made with North Dakota-grown grapes.

Where and When to Find Their Products

Red Trail Vineyard’s wines are sold only at the Tasting Room during the season or by calling the tasting room.

Wine Spotlight

red trail vineyard 2

Angel (1) and Dolly (2), a red blend and a white blend.

For a refreshing summer sip, the Sangria (3) wine is fermented with strawberries, lemons and limes. Try this sweet red while to remind you of a summer afternoon!

Red Trail’s Frontenac (4) is a semi-sweet red wine, lightly aged in oak. You’ll taste flavors of chokecherry in this delicious treat!

Using Their Space

The Red Trail Vineyard has hosted weddings, groom’s suppers, private birthday parties and anniversary parties.

In addition to these reservation opportunities, are Red Trail Vineyard’s special events held every Friday night during the season with a new menu weekly (reservations are needed).

This year, the Hogens built an RV Park with 14 sites in the heart of the vineyard in order to host the many tourists off I-94.

When The Tasting Room is Open

The tasting room is open from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday from May to November.

Red Trail Vineyard
Tasting Room and Vineyard
3510 142 Ave SE, Buffalo, ND 58011
Business Address:
3144 10th St N, Fargo, ND 58102
Facebook: @RedTrailVineyards

Written by Brady Drake

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