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Chef Review | Joe Brunner

A graduate of the NDSCS culinary arts program, Joe Brunner is now the Executive Chef/Owner at Mezzaluna. He grew up in Detroit Lakes, MN, and in 2007, moved to Fargo to finish high school. He attended NDSU for two years before going south to Wahpeton to pursue a degree for his current career. A little over four years ago he purchased and took over Mezzaluna, totaling around seven years at the restaurant.

Joe visited GP’s Greek Kitchen in Fargo. He tried a variety of dishes, including the Old Fashioned Gyro, Stuffed Grape Leaves and Baklava for a sweet final touch.

“I chose GP’s because ever since I have been there for my first time, there is always another item that I didn’t order before that wasn’t just as great, or even better, than before. The owners are super nice to everyone that comes in, and may even treat you to a bowl of soup on the house.”

309 Roberts St N, Fargo
(701) 364-9479
Facebook/Instagram: @dinemezzaluna / @dinemezzaluna


I’ve always been a big fan of Mediterranean food and so once I first came across GP’s Greek Kitchen about a year ago, I’ve been a fan since. Their service to the customers is top-notch, it feels like you have known them your whole life, even if you’re meeting for the first time. When I was done ordering and paid for the food, the owner asked if I would like a bowl of soup while I waited for all of it to come out. Who can say no to that? The soup itself was delicious.

Of all of the gyros and entrees I’ve had from here, the Old Fashioned has to be my favorite with the mix of lamb and beef, onions, peppers and the nice little surprise of melted mozzarella inside, wrapped in a warm pita. Right behind the counter you can see, on the broiler, the meat that will be shaven off for your said gyro or entree. So, you always know it will be hot and fresh. The lamb and beef mix I ordered was very well seasoned, and tender and you get a lot of it for your money here.

I also ordered the Stuffed Grape Leaves appetizer. The grape leaves are stuffed with rice and their own herb mix. It is then garnished with tzatziki sauce, parsley leaves, lemon, cucumber and a bed of greens. Everything about the stuffed grape leaves were perfect. The balance between the tender grape leaves, very well-seasoned filling and the delicious tzatziki sauce work really well together.

Lastly, I ordered their Baklava. Whenever I am at a restaurant that serves Baklava, I can’t say no to it and have to order it. GP’s baklava had a different take than I have had before and it was delicious. Instead of the traditional honey topping, theirs is a mix between honey and maple syrup with notes of cinnamon and orange peel. The maple syrup really brought a whole other element to the dish that really elevated it.

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GP’s Greek Kitchen
2553 Kirsten Ln S Suite 206, Fargo
(701) 639-7232
Facebook: @GP’s Greek Kitchen
Instagram: @gpsgreekkitchen

Written by Geneva Nodland

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