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Chef Review | Paul Nimens

Our final chef has vast industry experience gained along the west coast that he brings to the community. Paul Nimens is the Executive Chef at 701 Eateries. Beginning to cook in 2006, Paul left for the west coast to attend culinary school. After graduating, he ventured around Portland, OR to learn as much as he could.

“I worked at some of Portland’s best restaurants, including a Michelin Star kitchen and an old wild butchery. After the last 10 years working around the Pacific Northwest, I moved back to Fargo-Moorhead with my family, taking a sous chef job at Rosewild. Now I am Executive Chef at 701 and finally found a home.”

Paul visited a restaurant nearby and ordered a comfort dish, Tonkatsu Ramen from Slurp Ramen!

“Ramen holds a special place in my heart. Any time of day, feeling down, feeling good… I get ramen.”

701 Eateries
701 N University Dr, Fargo
(701) 532-0734
Facebook: @701
Instagram: @701eateries


I love Slurp! The tonkatsu ramen is delicious, the rich pork broth, the pork belly and that egg. It has everything that I want in a meal, the lovely alkaline noodle has the perfect chew and texture. Slurp is right downtown, not too far from 701, which helps me as I can pop out on a slow time and grab some ramen. The atmosphere of Slurp is a lot of fun, the old booths with writing and carved names make me feel like I’m back in Portland at times.

Photo provided by Slurp Ramen.

Slurp Ramen
414 Broadway N, Fargo
(701) 232-3380
Facebook: @Slurp Ramen
Instagram: @slurpfargo

Written by Geneva Nodland

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