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What Is This Warhammer Building?

In this month’s issue, we are talking about all things gaming, whether that’s video games, card games, board games and everything in between. Have you ever wondered to while driving through the Panda Express drive-through, looking at the Prairie Stone Center strip mall, what is that Warhammer building? Well, we’ll tell you because it’s pretty impressive.

Founded in 1975 in London, Games Workshop began as a UK-based mail-order business for fantasy roleplaying games. Warhammer, a 1983 creation of Games Workshop, is a tabletop strategy game of fantasy battles. Since its creation, there have been many added editions, supplements, expansions as well as other spinoff media released as the game continues to grow. As one of the most recognizable franchises in the industry, Warhammer brings together generations of players.

There are Warhammer store locations all over the world, selling miniature figurines and other accessories to play out the thrilling battles. The Fargo location allows Warhammer fans to collect, build, paint and play in their shop and offers free classes and demonstrations. Anytime the business is open, people are encouraged to bring a friend and play inside.

Just as other tabletop games like Dungeons & Dragons or Magic the Gathering, Warhammer follows a set of rules and uses accessories to play out the game. Something special that players use in Warhammer is the added terrain on the playing table. This terrain is something that players must take into account when strategizing their battles.

It’s common for roleplay games to have a strong, community-like following, and Warhammer is no exception. Whether players are together painting their figurines, head-to-head in battle or just discussing the latest Warhammer news, you’ll find if you go inside that Warhammer building, you might just find a new friend, even in an intense war.

Check out Fargo’s Warhammer location and follow their social media for updates on what’s happening in the community!

Prairie Stone Center
1650 45th St S, Suite 121
Fargo, ND 58103

Facebook | WarhammerFargo

Written by Geneva Nodland

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