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Collecting Cardboard: JWW Sports Cards & Gaming

Josh Wolters – Owner

Fargo is lucky to have two fantastic options for sports card enthusiasts in the area, each filling slightly different niches.

In 2020, the long-beloved Big Nick’s Sports Cards changed hands to Josh Wolters. He rebranded the storefront that sits in the basement of West Acres to JWW Sports Cards & Gaming, completing a transition period of about five years and a lifelong dream of Wolters.

“I worked for the previous owner, Galen Heinle, while I was in college,” Wolters said. “He came to my wedding and in my thank you card to him, I left a little note telling him that he should give me a call whenever he’s looking to sell. I was managing a Firestone in Minneapolis at the time and wasn’t the happiest I could be. He never called, but I did. I called one day and asked him if he was ready and he said yes. So, I moved back to town and we started what was supposed to be a one-year transition but ended up being five years.”

Like most people in the hobby, cards have been a part of Wolters’ life for a very long time. He started collecting sports cards when he was five years old and also had a big-time interest in playing Magic The Gathering.

That passion for multiple hobbies has led Wolters to create a store with a little something for everyone.

At JWW Sports Cards & Gaming, you can find football, baseball, basketball, hockey, and non-sport trading cards, Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Flesh and Blood, Digimon, Dragonball Super, Weiß Schwarz, Funko POP, collectible figures, anime figures, Dungeons & Dragons books and accessories, Demise Dice, other dice brands, sports cards and gaming supplies, and very popular board games.

They even carry an excellent variety of Japanese snacks and beverages!

JWW Sports Cards & Gaming

West Acres Mall
3902 13th Ave S #100
Fargo, ND 58103

Facebook | @jwwcards
Instagram | @jwwcards

Written by Brady Drake

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