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The sanskrit word "Yuj" means to yoke. To unite to add. To join. Grippe chose this as the anme because she wants to create a community!
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Get Your Flow On! At Fargo’s Newest Yoga Studio, Yuj Yoga

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Allison Grippe -Yuj Yoga Owner

When the owner of Fargo’s newest yoga studio tells you that her studio doesn’t have mirrors, “Because, Yoga is about how you feel and not how you look.” You realize that you’re not about to enter just any old yoga studio.

Yuj Yoga owner Allison Grippe wanted to create a space that could cater to the needs of all yogis—those looking for a restorative flow and those looking for a sweaty, more intense workout. However, at the center of that variety is also a uniqueness.

Yuj Yoga’s studio is unique in that it utilizes infrared technology to warm the studio during heated classes. But perhaps what is more unique is their focus on aspects of traditional yoga, which is something that has become increasingly less common.

However, even Grippe will tell you that America’s revolution to more fitness-based classes isn’t a bad thing. Every studio serves its purpose. She just wanted to bring something a little different to the table.

“We will definitely have the hot vinyasa classes and things like that,” Grippe said. “But the real difference with us is that everything will be rooted in yoga traditions and the eight limbs of yoga.”

That focus comes from Grippe’s passion for Ayurvedic practices—which is an alternative medicine system rooted in India, the birthplace of yoga.

The types of classes currently offered at Yuj Yoga Studio:

Sunrise Flow

This gentle practice offers a combination of accessible postures and fluid movement followed by slow, deep stretching.

Morning Meditation

Short period of instruction, followed by a 15-20 minute lightly-guided practice. Practices will vary with an emphasis on building mindfulness.

Candlelight Yin

Yin yoga is a relaxing, slow-paced practice that incorporates long holds, breathe techniques, and deep stretching that can create space is plastic areas of the body: joints, ligaments, and bones.

Vinyasa (Heated)

Each instructor brings their unique style, music and personality. Explore your edge and do what you can in this all-levels Vinyasa practice. Room heated between 80-90 degrees.

Vinyasa (Non-Heated)

This practice offers a consistent experience of foundational poses and principles of Vinyasa yoga


This relaxing practice explores breath-work, gentle movement and longer time in restorative poses using the support of props.

Yoga For Athletes

This vigorous practice is a unique combination of flow yoga, body-weight strength training and functional fitness.

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The shelves atYuji Yoga are stocked with plenty of traditional goodies ayurvedic teas.

Mirrors are more of a fitness thing. That’snot necessarily what people are practicing with in India.

-Allison Grippe

“We want to offer more education around those practices and make it more accessible,” Grippe said. “We want to help people work on their mental health for more than just those 60 minutes that they’re in class. We want to give them practices that they can take home and continue to practice throughout their day. We want to focus on the traditions of living yoga versus just getting in a workout.”

According to Grippe, those education opportunities will come through workshops that the studio will host. They will also have a variety of retail items to help customers live a more traditional yogic lifestyle, including Ayurvedic teas.

However, each instructor at the studio, all with at least 200 hours of training, has slightly different ways of bringing those traditional teachings to the student. “Everyone who works in this studio has been trained outside of our studio which I think speaks volumes for the diversity of what we have to offer,” Grippe said.

“Everybody has been trained and has their Yoga Alliance certification, but they’ve come from different schools. Everyone’s backgrounds are very different.”

So, if you’re looking for something a little “different,” give Yuj Yoga studio a try. We don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Yuj Yoga

1445 1st Ave N Suite 3,
Fargo, ND 58102


Written by Brady Drake

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