Family Feature: Meet The Johnsons
Family Feature: Meet The Johnsons
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Family Feature: Meet The Johnsons

About The Johnsons

At Spotlight, Jenny Johnson is our Director of Client Management. At home, she is a wife and mother of two.

“My husband and I are in a very busy stage of life with small children,” said Jenny who lives in Fargo with her two kids.

Landon is five and just started kindergarten this year. “We are excited to see our son start basketball through the YMCA this year and hoping he enjoys it just like his dad did,” said Jenny.

Presley is a busy two-and-a-half-year-old. “We are really lucky that our children are obsessed with each other and are truly best friends. We will see how long that lasts,” said Jenny.

Jenny’s husband Jordan, who is a Workplace Consultant at Connect Interiors, feels the same. Plus, both are equally obsessed with their adorable dog Ollie.

“We are somewhat of homebodies, especially during the week. We enjoy watching movies—currently, our kids are obsessed with Beetlejuice and Nightmare Before Christmas,” said Jenny. “On the weekends we try to do something fun like going to Kingpinz, Chucky Cheese, a local park, or out to eat at a fun restaurant.”

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Folkways is a dynamic community-building initiative based in Fargo, known for creating immersive experiences aimed at addressing issues like workforce retention, economic vitality, and fostering a sense of communal belonging. Through a series of signature events, they brought together 143,000 visitors last year, featured 120 live performances, and collaborated with115 local small businesses.

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Live Downtown Fargo

This initiative shows off the fun lifestyle and good things downtown Fargo offers like great food places, unique small shops, and local art galleries, hoping to get more people to live and work there. It highlights the easy access to restaurants, stores, job chances, and the beautiful nearby Red River and Island Park.

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Restaurant Recommendations

Chuck E. Cheese

“They recently did a huge remodel and got all new games. Our kids love to go there and something I really appreciate is a new option to buy unlimited game cards for a certain amount of time that can be paused while you eat. A pro tip is to purchase cards for each of your kids or for each parent so you don’t have to run and find the card if your children split up. Also, I recommend going for a late lunch or early supper to avoid the rush.”

Add Recreation Recommendation

Thunder Road

“My Son loves Thunder Road—he calls it ‘Oldtown Road.’ I took him there for the first time with my friend and her son. The two boys are around the same age and loved the go-carts, mini golf, and laser tag room although I don’t know who liked laser tag more, the moms or the kids. They have a great package where you can get lots of activities and a meal for a reasonable price. If you are looking to keep young kids full of energy for hours, this is the place to go. Pro Tip: “Have a good bribery plan in place when it is time to leave because your kids will not want to!”

Maplewood Park

Jenny strongly recommends Maplewood Park in West Fargo. “It’s a wonderful park to bring kids of all ages. From the playground to the ninja area, you can’t go wrong.”

This park was renovated in 2022 to be more accessible for all types of people with additions of ramps and widening of walkways for those with mobility issues.

Written by Brady Drake

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