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Summertime Getaways


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Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park

No doubt the ultimate weekend getaway in this entire catalog is making the long jaunt to Yellowstone National Park. Located in southwestern Montana and stretching into northern Wyoming, Yellowstone is America’s very first national park. While it is known for the famous geyser, the park offers much more. Not only will you find some of the most scenic hiking trails in the world, but you will learn firsthand just how wondrous a location this is. If you have the time to make it a getaway, do it.

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Makoshika State Park

Makoshika is Montana’s largest state park and it lies just beyond the North Dakota border along Interstate 94. Much like the formations seen in Theodore Roosevelt National Park, Makoshika is made primarily of badland rock formations. The special part about this part is that it can be traced back all the way to prehistoric times. One of the park’s most popular attractions are the prehistoric fossils found within. To date, remains from Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops and other prehistoric life have been found. That quality makes it a park for all ages, too.


Medicine Rocks State Park

Teddy Roosevelt was one of the first American tourists to see Medicine Rock State Park firsthand. As a part of Roosevelt’s excursion (which led him to North Dakota), he stumbled upon the former gathering ground of Indian hunters. Even in the 1800s, Roosevelt could not find a more apropos word for the area than “beautiful”. That is exactly what you will find within this park, too. With miles upon miles to be hiked, Medicine Rocks State Park is one of the most popular places in the Midwest for nature photographers.

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Written by Brady Drake

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