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SCHEELS Monthly: Bike And Service Shop Spotlight

SCHEELS experts are committed to providing bike and service solutions.

With the snow melting and green grass sprouting throughout the Midwest, people are getting active again. Whether on foot or on two wheels, warmer weather breathes life into us all. In turn, we’re more motivated to actively enjoy the outdoors.

If you are a bike rider, SCHEELS has long been recognized as one of the premier sources for bicycles, accessories and service. Their service shop bolsters decades of experience that go beyond just bicycles. The team at SCHEELS can sharpen skates for the winter hockey player, they can string racquets for the fall tennis player and they can repair a damaged bike for the spring and summer rider.

And that is only scratching the surface as the SCHEELS bike and service shop offers more to customers. The passion for providing the right solution has allowed SCHEELS to become an industry leader.

This month, we spoke with Curt Maki, who is the Fargo Service Shop Manager at SCHEELS. Maki has over two decades of experience at SCHEELS, having worked in the Fargo, Moorhead and Home And Hardware stores.

It is this expertise that allows Maki and his team to thrive in the bike and service shop. Their commitment to excellence and simple solutions relieve any stress on the customer. This makes the process of repairing or maintenance that much easier.

We asked Maki eight questions that you need to know before heading to SCHEELS bike and service shop.

1. How did you become passionate about working in the bike/service shop?

As a kid, I grew up racing BMX in Dilworth, West Fargo, and surrounding tracks. I frequently rode my bike, putting on lots of miles. I returned to the bike as a way to commute and exercise the past few years.

2. What kind of environment can a potential customer expect from the SCHEELS bike/service shop?

Customers can expect a clean and professional service with an emphasis on getting your bike back to a great riding status whether fixing a flat, making it more comfortable or bringing back a favorite bike. We do it all.

3. A lot of people focus on the “bike” side of the shop, but what other offerings does the service shop have for customers that they may not be aware of?

We work on a variety of other equipment including ice skate sharpening and repair, inline skate repair, racquet stringing, glove lacing, skis, snowboards and cross country skis. We set up and repair exercise equipment and many other sports equipment odds and ends.

4. How long have you worked in the bike/service shop?

I have been in the SCHEELS service shop for 23 years in three different stores: SCHEELS Home and Hardware on 13th Ave, Moorhead and the big store on 45th.  I have been in the shop the whole time; I started as a full-time tech, and I have now been a shop manager for the past 20 years.

5. What is your favorite part about working in the bike/service shop (or being a SCHEELS expert in general)? 

I have gotten to know many people over the years, and I enjoy seeing them in the store and around town. The smiles on their faces when they pick up their bikes and equipment are awesome.

6. How do you define the word “passion”? 

Passion is a strong feeling that drives you to do many things.  For some it is hooking into a lunker, draining a three, sinking a put or getting out for a ride. It’s a reason to be involved or to get out and do something.

7. Why is it so important to have your bicycle maintained regularly? 

It is important to have regular service for a bicycle for the same reasons as it is important to have regular maintenance for a car. First, regular maintenance protects your investment.  Second, regular maintenance makes your ride more enjoyable because you take the worry out of your ride. Things go smoother when everything works well.

8. How does the bike/service shop elevate SCHEELS overall? 

We are passionate about bikes.  We ride them in many capacities from downhill rides to century rides on the open road.  We know what to use and what not to use to make the experience better for ourselves, and we apply that knowledge and experience to help guide someone to a more enjoyable ride. 

Learn more about SCHEELS bike and service shop offerings and find a SCHEELS service shop near you here.

Written by Brady Drake

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