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South Dakota

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Badlands National Park

Much like the wondrous Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota, Badlands National Park is truly a geological marvel. To date, the park still has one of the richest fossil beds in the entire world. It also provides great hiking and biking for those interested. With 244,000 acres to explore, you will be busy for a while.


Wind Cave National Park

Talk about a marvel of the modern world, Wind Cave National Park in southwest South Dakota is one of the more unique parks in America. The crown jewel of the park is Wind Cave, one of the longest and most complex caves in the world. This unique formation is one of very few in the entire world. For the wildlife buffs, Wind Cave National Park is home to bison, elk and several unique species of birds.

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Mount Rushmore

The entire state of South Dakota is often defined by the most notable monument in the world. Within the sweeping Black Hills in southwest South Dakota is the large monument commemorating four of our nation’s greatest Presidents. While Mount Rushmore alone is worth the price of admission, the events and surrounding towns make this a real tourist destination.

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Written by Brady Drake

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