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Creating Meaningful Change

Fowzia Adde

– Executive Director, Immigrant Development Center

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Which country did you immigrate to America from?


Why did you choose Fargo-Moorhead when coming to America?

Actually, we don’t get to choose, it depends on the settlement agency.

What have been some of the biggest challenges in coming to a new country?

Cultural shock most of all, different languages, the weather and to be honest the discrimination that you have to go through being a woman of color and a hijabi woman.

What can the community do to create fewer challenges for New Americans?

Accept them and treat them the same way as others, and provide them with a chance to survive just like others.

What do you think the community needs to understand about New Americans to help them feel more welcome and included?

First, they need to understand they are different, they come from a different culture and language. To be honest, things have changed a lot, New Americans are being somewhat welcomed and accepted in the community, but they are still behind and need our support.

What has been the best and most exciting thing about living in America?

Opportunities, this is the land of opportunity, the entrepreneurial spirit and spirit of individualism, you don’t find it anywhere else.

Written by Brady Drake

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