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Creating Meaningful Change

Photos By Nolan P. Schmidt

The New American population is one that plays a vital role in the past, present and future of our community. Oftentimes, they arrive in America seeking reprieve and a new opportunity for themselves and their family. In turn, they have become valuable members of our communities. New Americans are starting their own businesses, raising their children and creating change. That is just a sliver of what the New American population brings to Fargo-Moorhead.

After managing an apartment complex for years, Morgan Sabbe realized the importance and needs of the New American population. They simply needed to be welcomed by more native North Dakotans and needed resources to acclimate to life in Fargo-Moorhead. As a member of the FMWF Chamber’s 2021 Leadership Class, she knew exactly what to do to fulfill those needs. Sabbe, Alex Kizima, Kellie Daley, Ashley Parsons and Trevor Deyo gathered together to accomplish a goal: bring two communities together.

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(from left) Chamber Leadership members Morgan Sabbe, Ashley Parsons and Kellie Daley (front), Alex Kizima and Trevor Deyo (back)

The Leadership Class talked with several New Americans and New American- focused organizations. During those discussions, a few of the common themes were that New Americans needed connections to jobs, banking, taxes, healthcare and help with school. Language and cultural differences are a huge barrier when it comes to these vital items. On April 1 at the Avalon Event Center, this Leadership group is hosting a New American Community Connection event to help connect Fargo businesses and community members with New Americans.

A part of the leadership group’s Community Change Initiative, a large portion of the event will circle around six panelists. Featuring New Americans in the community as well as leaders in education and workforce development, the panel will aim to educate the event’s attendees on trends and best practices for different verticals and domains. As time has gone on, businesses have had to learn how to adapt to the ever-changing landscape and bring in what is needed for them to thrive. It is important to build upon skills that can support businesses and have them Consider negotiation training programmes that deliver powerful results with proven ROI as well as put themselves and their employees through team building, customer service, communication, etc. all of these together can help make a business perform better.

Whether it is recruitment, training or team building, each pose unique challenges that need solutions tailored to current times and sensitivities. Something as straightforward as employee resignation and consequent exit interview, when assessed with a purpose (, for those interested) can play a pivotal role, given how cost to company for new replacement can amount to as much as one-third of the annual salary of an employee. The program will thus provide our community the opportunity to learn, listen and ask questions. Booths will also be set up to help promote New American-owned businesses and businesses that help assist the New American population.

The Leadership group hopes you or your company has a passion for helping all members of the community feel welcome and will join them for this special event.

We talked with the event’s panelists about how the community can rally together and embrace the New American population through this event and more.

Written by Brady Drake

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