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SCHEELS Monthly: Elevate Your Game

SCHEELS golf expert Justin Gehrke assists a customer with custom golf club fitting.

Avid golfers understand that each golf swing is different. Each golfer’s body is different, so they swing in their own unique fashion. In that vein, a golfer’s clubs must cater to their unique motions. This is why getting fitted for golf clubs is so important. It helps a golfer achieve the physical mastery they desire on the course.

SCHEELS is on the cutting edge of golf club fitting. Not only do their experts have the knowledge needed to help customers, but these experts are passionate about golf much like the customer. This allows SCHEELS to provide quality customer service and the right product for the avid golfer.

“Every person who plays golf has a unique swing. Today’s clubs can be tweaked in so many ways that fit the way you play the game. When you get fit for clubs, your clubs will be customized for you specifically,” said SCHEELS golf expert Justin Gehrke. “Getting fit for clubs can add distance to each one of your clubs and help you hit the ball straighter, two things every golfer wants!”

For Gehrke golf became a passion at a very early age. It was this fervent passion for the game that led him to SCHEELS. Now, he is able to channel that passion on the course and with customers in the store.

“I started playing golf in high school but my passion for golf really kicked in during college. I loved getting together with my friends and spending hours out on the course. Golf has been a great way to combine my love of the outdoors and my love of sports. Visiting different courses in different parts of the country is my favorite part about the game,” Gehrke said. “I love seeing new courses and the fact that you could play a million rounds and never have the same exact experience from your previous round. The challenge of improving your score, even by one stroke, during your next round continuously drives my motivation to keep practicing and playing.”

That lends its hand to the custom-fitting service SCHEELS offers. A vital step in taking your golf game to the next level, Gehrke cannot underscore its importance. “Our SCHEELS Experts go through extensive training to make sure we have the knowledge to help our customers improve their game. Our Experts love to play golf just as much as our customers do and want you to be successful,” he said. “There’s nothing more fulfilling than helping a customer find new gear and having that customer come back to the store and tell us how much we were able to help their game.”

Getting fitted for clubs at SCHEELS is also incredibly simple. It is this ease to the customer that makes the experience so enjoyable. That, and getting to test out golf clubs on SCHEELS state-of-the-art golf simulator.

“The simplest way to do this is to visit your local SCHEELS. Our SCHEELS Experts will ask you a variety of questions to learn about the state of your golf game, your current equipment, what your goals are and more,” Gehrke said of getting started with SCHEELS golf services. “Knowing that information is vital to making sure your fitting experience is created specifically for you. From there, our experts will watch you take swings in our simulators and make adjustments to the clubs so the player has the perfect clubs based on their game.”

In his own game, Gehrke has grown fond of a GPS system. “My go-to product on the course is my GPS. When I know the exact yardage to the hole, I can be confident in the club I’m hitting,” he said. “Knowing exact yardages also helps when trying to avoid hazards around the green or off the tee and helps you set up your next shot if you are more comfortable at a certain distance.”

At the end of the day, golf is meant to be enjoyed and not despised. While there are frustrating moments on the course for all golfers, Gehrke says having fun makes golf the great game that it is.

“The one thing I always try to remind myself is I play golf to have fun. So just have fun! It’s easy to get frustrated after a bad shot or a bad round, but at the end of the day we all play because we love the game,” Gehrke said. “Use that frustration during a round as motivation to keep improving and enjoy the time you get to spend out on the course.”

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Written by Brady Drake

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