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Collecting Carboard: Cards & Coins

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Mark Weston – Owner

Cards & Coins Owner Mark Weston turned his lifelong passion into an entrepreneurial pursuit in September of 2018, opening a storefront in a vacant room in a building mostly occupied by True North Church.

Since that original opening, Cards & Coins and the collecting hobby in general have experienced a massive financial boom as a result of increased interest during the early lockdowns of the COVID-19 Pandemic. People were stuck inside and searching for nostalgia, something to do, a distraction. Many flocked to the hobby of collecting sports cards.

That boom has allowed Cards & Coins to move into a larger, more visible space and has also allowed Weston to continue bolstering the shop’s unique selection.

“I think there are two things that are really different about my store,” Weston said. “I would say that [one] is my large selection of unopened vintage wax I have a box from Tom Brady’s rookie year, I have an unopened 1996-1997 Topps Chrome Basketball box and all kinds of stuff. The other thing that sets me apart is my large selection of vintage, which is great for people that are set builders in the hobby.” In addition to those unique aspects of his business, Weston also carries the majority of new products in unopened boxes and packs as well as singles for many sports including football, basketball, hockey, soccer, UFC, Formula One and more. He even dabbles in memorabilia, coins, and nonsports cards like Star Trek and Pokemon cards, however, you’ll need to go somewhere else if you’re looking for Magic The Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons or Yu-Gi-Oh.

“I’ve always loved the hobby and have been involved in some capacity since 1969. I really got into things again when Carson Wentz got drafted in 2016 and opened the shop a few years later,” Weston said. “I really have enjoyed it and it sounds cliche, but the best part has been the relationships I’ve developed with the customers.”

Cards & Coins

3550 38th Ave S Suite B
Fargo, ND 58104
Facebook | @cardsandcoinsfargo

Written by Brady Drake

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