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3 Dishes to Try at Rosewild

AUSTIN COVERT, a Detroit native, comes to Rosewild after stints at two different two-Michelin star restaurants. He is also a third-degree black belt in Taekwondo.

If we’re spoiled with one thing locally, it’s quality restaurants. All around the FM area, you can find great food to meet just about any craving. However, there are certain restaurants that deserve their own specific spotlight. Rosewild, the new restaurant located at the new Jasper Hotel in Downtown Fargo is one such restaurant.

Our team was lucky enough to see Rosewild’s Executive Chef Austin Covert in action and had a chance to try a couple of dishes that we think will make your taste buds elated.

*Dish descriptions provided by Rosewild.


Fargo Monthly Rosewild Photos

Grilled cucumbers, confit potatoes, beat cured salmon, egg, dill Pulling from traditional Scandinavian roots with a fresh take, this cold salad is balanced by zesty lemon and dill mingling with savory beat cured salmon, slow cooked confit potatoes, fresh grilled cucumbers and hard boiled eggs.


Fargo Monthly Rosewild Photos

English pea, egg yolk, parmesan A play on traditional carbonara, we’ve swapped bacon for house smoked whitefish that is bursting with rich flavors steeped in tradition over roasted peas and topped with parmesan.


Fargo Monthly Rosewild Photos

Aebelskivers are a traditional, golden light and fluffy Danish delicacy. Filled and topped with a sweet-tart raspberry compote and fresh passionfruit. Served hot with a dusting of confectioners’ sugar on top.

About Rosewild: Rosewild, located at the Jasper Hotel in the RDO Tower Block 9 building in downtown, is a fine dining restaurant that aims to take local flavors to new heights.

Written by Brady Drake

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