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Meet The Maker: Allicia Brunette of AllieMae Designs

For the pet issue, we are all about dogs and wanted you to meet Alicia Brunette of AllieMae Designs! Her bandanas are getting noticed on all the pups in the community and we are obsessed with her three corgis!

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I was born and raised in Fargo. I’ve tried leaving, but I always come back. I work at a bank during the day and most nights you can find me either doing dog things or race car things. My boyfriend and I run the Northern Corgis group where we put on play dates and fundraisers, most notably the Corgi Races that take place during the Fargo Food Truck Festival (August 14th this year). We also have a lightning sprint car which I race at local dirt tracks.

Describe what you create under AllieMae Designs?

I mostly do dog (and some cat) bandanas. I dabble in bow ties and I’ve recently started selling vinyl stickers (some with snarky sayings) as well.

Tell us where your name came from?

It’s simply my nickname and my middle name!

How did you get started with your business?

I started making bandanas for our corgi, Pig, after realizing that most bandana places were selling ones only made for big dogs. I also struggled with keeping them tied nicely on her. So, I googled some things and went to work. There was a lot of trial and error, but I eventually figured it out.

Tell us about your own pups!

We have three corgis: Pig who is a 4-yearold tri-colored Pembroke, Bacon who is a 2-year-old blue merle Cardigan Corgi and Porkchop who just turned 1 and is a sable Pembroke. Porkchop was our quarantine puppy – since I was working from home we had to jump on the puppy trend. We bring our dogs almost everywhere with us and we even throw them their own birthday parties. Their Instagram is pigandbacon_nd – go follow them!

What’s the best thing about having corgis?

They’re such weird dogs. They have this big dog personality in little bodies.

What is your favorite thing about having your own business?

Creative freedom and making people happy. I’ve recently started seeing a lot of my work out in public so that’s super gratifying as well.


What is the most challenging thing?

Making things that don’t turn out initially and finding the willpower to try it again.

What is a word that best describes you?

Hmm that’s a tough one but I’d have to say introvert. I’m a shy person by nature, but having a small business and super social dogs are definitely helping me break out of my shell.

What advice would you have given yourself 10 years ago?

Do all of the things and don’t worry about what others think of you.

Where can people find your work?

Unglued! And if you contact me on social media or email, I’ll try my hardest to make you exactly what you’re looking for.

Social to stay in touch?

Instagram: alliemae_designs and on
Facebook: AllieMae Designs

Alicia Brunette of AllieMae Designs

Written by Ashley Morken

Ashley Morken is the owner of Unglued, a modern handmade gift shop featuring over 300 local and regional makers in downtown Fargo. She also a founding member of the Creative Mornings Fargo committee.

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