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Local Love: Jessica & Tyler’s Proposal Story

A few of Spotlight’s own celebrated some exciting things this year, including Jessica. our Marketing Coordinator-check it out!

Engaged June 1, 2023

 Photos by Christina Chamma Photos

How did you meet & when did you start dating?

“Tyler went to Moorhead High and I went to Fargo Davies. We knew of each other in high school, but it wasn’t until after college that we connected at the beginning of 2021. After a few months of going on dates and spending time together, we decided to make it official! The past two and a half years together have been full of traveling, new experiences, and becoming a part of each others’ families.” – Jessica

When did you know you were ready to propose?

“In December of 2022, I knew that I wanted to propose. After speaking with her parents and receiving their blessing, I began to look for engagement rings. Shortly after, I secured the perfect ring and began to plan the proposal. With an upcoming trip to Mexico that March, I thought that would be the perfect time to pop the question. However, Jessica started to become suspicious that something may be happening on the trip, and I didn’t want to take the chance that it wouldn’t be a 100% surprise. So I decided to hold off and needed to come up with a backup plan. To ensure she wouldn’t come across the ring in the meantime, I decided to give it to my older sister to hold on to.” – Tyler

Moments leading up to the engagement

“Christina Chamma, a local photographer was hosting minisessions at the beginning of summer and I asked Tyler if he would want to do a couples session. We had never done any professional photos together and I thought it would be fun to dress up and go out.” – Jessica

“The day after Jessica scheduled these photos, I had the idea this might be the perfect opportunity. I reached out to Christina separately to see if she could help me make this happen. The day came and I knew Jessica had no idea what was about to take place that evening. That afternoon I picked the ring up from my sister’s house in preparation. I was surprisingly calm and ready for the big moment.” – Tyler

“We drove out to Orchard Glen Park in South Fargo and met Christina. We started taking photos on a nearby trail and were having so much fun together. During the first series of photos, Christina posed me in front of Tyler and I had no idea what was going on behind me. Tyler had pulled out the ring and held it to his side, Christina then asked me to turn around and face him. He was down on one knee and I couldn’t believe it. I remember saying ‘What! I was the one who planned this photoshoot.’ I was overwhelmed with emotion and excitement.” – Jessica

“She said yes, officially turning the rest of our photo session into an engagement shoot. It was perfect and I’m glad everything went smoothly. Christina even managed to sneak her phone down recording a video the whole time, which was an added bonus and something we have to relive the moment. The remainder of our night ended with Facetiming all of our family and best friends to tell them our special news.” – Tyler

What’s coming next for you two?

“We took the summer to enjoy our engagement and now we are officially starting to wedding plan. We haven’t locked in a date quite yet, but are estimating for early fall of 2024. We are eager to begin this next chapter of our lives together and every moment in between.” – Jessica & Tyler

Congrats Jessica & Tyler!

Written by Geneva Nodland

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