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Tips from Wedding Photographer Expert Revel Woods

About Kaitlyn

Owner/Photographer Revel Woods Photo

Revel Woods Photo owner and lead photographer Kaitlyn Kiedrowski started her photography business in 2017 and has since grown into one of Fargo-Moorhead’s top wedding photographer choices. Her love for capturing exceptional photos, meeting new people, and engaging in the community led her to photograph families, high school seniors, and now, she is fully engrossed in the wedding industry. The name Revel Woods comes from her deep admiration and joy for nature, as revel means “to take delight in.”

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Kaitlyn graduated from Concordia College with a Bachelors in Environmental Studies and Political Science. Initially, she had other career plans in mind, but her photography business was doing so well that she decided to go full-time with Revel Woods Photo. “It was truly a faithbased jump knowing that I wasn’t using my degree, but instead pursuing a creative hobby I had enjoyed over the years,” she said. “I had been growing the business all throughout college because it was a source of joy and income for me, but when it came time to find a degree-related job after graduation, I couldn’t let go of the business because of how much love I had received from it, and how much love I had poured into it over the years. It just felt like the right decision and I felt called to continue serving my clients, with the gift of a creative eye I’ve been given.”

Setting A New Trend in The Photography Industry


One of the toughest decisions for wedding parties can be choosing the right photographer to document their special day. Though the photography industry is plentiful, there are many different styles, experience levels, and price points in the market.

With over six years in the industry and a lot of unique benefits to her services, Revel Woods has proven to be a name that catches attention—and for good reason; Kaitlyn is setting a new standard in the wedding photography industry with her services, workflows, and perks.

Did you know?
Kaitlyn shares a full wedding planning guide with her clients, packed full of information all about the wedding process and wedding day from start to finish. Inside the guide, she gives estimates on how much time each part of your day will take, example timelines, checklists to help you remember what is important, recommendations for other vendors, and more!

More Than A Photographer

“Choosing a photographer is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make—I will always be your friend first, and your photographer second,” Kaitlyn said. She creates countless guides for them to feel prepared and knowledgeable about what they can expect for their engagement photos, for the time leading up to their wedding day, their actual wedding day, and even after they say “I do.”

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As a photographer for the past six-plus years, Kaitlyn has learned that there is so much more to the job than just taking beautiful photos for her clients. “When you book with me, you are not just booking a photographer, you are booking someone who is fully invested in you and your wedding day,” she said. “I find so much joy in the whole wedding planning process and have noticed how much of a difference it makes when my clients and I have gotten the chance to actually get to know one another. I always tell my clients, ‘If you are looking for someone who cares as much as you do, you are in the right place.’”

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Photography Retreats

One example of how Kaitlyn has invested in her photography business and expertise is by attending photography retreats all over the country. She enjoyed attending them so much that she decided to start another business actually hosting them with one of her photographer friends, Olivia Abraham. Together, they started a photography retreat business, Revel & Grace, in 2022 and have since hosted two large retreats in Phoenix and San Francisco.

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This fall, they are hosting their third, largest retreat yet in Charleston, South Carolina. “Our retreats are such a joy to host, as we have photographers fly in from all over the country for a week of shooting, education, relaxation, and time for community,” Kaitlyn said. “While it takes Olivia and I months to dream, coordinate, and plan the whole week, we love serving the photographers who join us, and have so much fun getting to know new photographer friends. The relationships we have built through Revel & Grace have truly changed our lives.”

Destination Weddings

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Revel Woods Photo offers travel packages for destination weddings and sessions. Some of Kaitlyn’s favorite places she has flown for her clients include Cancún, New Hampshire, Seattle, New York City, and San Diego. “Traveling continuously opens my eyes to new perspectives and I always come home feeling refreshed and inspired, ready for my next adventure,” she said.

Featured Wedding Project

Fargo Wedding Turns Into Destination Wedding

Earlier in 2023, Kaitlyn had the opportunity to capture the wedding of Victoria and Caleb Horn. As most of her clients do, the Horns had booked over a year in advance and shared details about the wedding they were planning to have in Fargo. As the wedding day approached, the Horns had changed their minds and now wanted to do a destination wedding in Mexico. Luckily they kept their same date, so Kaitlyn was still able to be their photographer and capture their day

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“Planning a wedding includes making so many decisions, and I am here to remind you that it is okay to change your mind and that you should follow your heart for what you want your wedding day to look like,” she said. “Choose a location that feels true to you, choose the colors you’ve always dreamed of, and book the vendors that you feel a connection with.”

Planning a wedding from afar can be a whole task in itself, but Kaitlyn noted that when you book vendors that take care of you and have your best interest in mind, this is when the magic happens.

Kaitlyn is always open to communication with other vendors she’s working with for weddings and knows how important the planning process is. This destination wedding in Mexico was her first outof-country wedding, and she knew she had to be extra prepared as this meant so many new factors coming into play. Kaitlyn does her research ahead of time and makes sure she has all of the information she needs. She also met with the wedding coordinator to make sure that everything on her timeline lined up with theirs, and planned to fly in early to account for possible travel delays as well as scouting the venue for the best photo opportunities.

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“This all relates to any wedding,” she said. “As a photographer, I need to be prepared for whatever comes my way on a wedding day. I always consider what the weather is going to be like if we need to make an alternative plan and what gear I need to bring to best serve my clients. The more prepared your vendors are, the better. Make sure you have full trust in the ones you book because it pays off in the long run, and they will take care of you.”

5 Wedding Vendors

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I Love



Love Always Floral

”Christy and her team are magicians with the florals they provide. Every single bouquet, installation, and boutonniere has been incredible, and such a dream to photograph! Everything they do is so beautiful and I love the way they take ideas and bring them to life. They have so much life, movement, and character to them, making their work unique in our community.”

Plan to Gather

”Karissa is a planning and executing powerhouse. Whenever I am on the vendor team for a wedding day that Karissa is coordinating, I know that the flow of the day is going to be seamless. I also love that Karissa includes the other vendors in her client communication, and is always one step ahead of us. She truly cares about her clients and every experience I have had with her shows that.”

Fuze Entertainment

”Drew is a one of a kind DJ, and I know that the reception and dance are going to be top tier when Drew is in charge of the evening. Not only is his personality inviting and upbeat, but the music he plays and the way he is able to get the crowd hyped for the couple is so much fun and exciting. My best dance photos always come from days when Drew is the DJ!”

Meadowlark Films

”Janna and Kyle are the perfect team of videographers. As husband and wife, they work together in a seamless way, always producing the most beautiful videos for their clients. I love the energy they bring on wedding days—if a bride is needing a calming presence, they can provide that. If a bride needs upbeat energy, they can match that and love to have fun alongside their clients.”

Your Day by Nicole

”Nicole and her team are such kind-hearted, hard-working people, and I’ve only had the happiest of brides when they’ve been into their shop. I love that they offer not only wedding gowns, but also veils, rings, special occasion dresses, jewelry, and more. Whenever my brides tell me they got their dress from YDBN, I always get so excited and know it is going to photograph perfectly.”

Kaitlyn's Five Wedding Tips

1. Research your photographer before booking

“Ask to see full wedding galleries they’ve created. Make sure they shoot dual slots and have backups in case technology fails (as it does sometimes). Read their client reviews and see if their personality and style align with your needs. Do you like a loud, outgoing photographer, or would you prefer a more calm, quiet photographer? Do you need a more up-front photographer, or would you prefer a more laid-back one?”

2. Remember that your vendor will take care of you.

“Only book vendors that have your best interest in mind. Booking your vendor team is key, remembering that these are the people that are actually going to bring your wedding day together, and carry out the dreams and visions you have. Make sure they work well together, highly consider vendor recommendations, and find rest in the vendors you have booked to take care of you.”

3. Leave time in your wedding day timelime to just “be”.

“I always encourage my clients to leave room in their timelines to talk with guests, take a break, and just be together. One of my favorite things about a wedding day is when my clients participate in their social hour. Everyone loves a good candid photo, but remember you need to actually have time in your timeline for these candid moments to happen.”

4. Schedule your hair and makeup trial on the same day at your engagement session.

“As many brides do a hair and makeup trial, this is also a good opportunity for my couples to have their engagement photos done on the same day. Scheduling your hair and makeup trial on the same day as your engagement session is key not only because you are able to see the wear of your hair and makeup and how it looks when it is photographed.”

5. Book your vendors as early as possible – remember, you get what you pay for.

“I know wedding budgets are real (I am getting married next summer, and have definitely gained a new perspective on this compared to when I was not planning a wedding), and that couples need to stick to them. But remember that you are going to get what you pay for. Vendors are priced the way they are for a reason, including the gear they own, the experience they have, and how much time they spend on the work that they’re providing. If you truly value a specific vendor, do your research and make sure it’s a good fit before only looking at the price tag.”

How to Book Kaitlyn!

“If you want to book me for your wedding, the best way to reach me is through my contact form on my website. Once you fill out an inquiry and provide all the important details, I will email you back with my full wedding investment guide, explaining what I offer and how I can best serve you on your wedding day!”

Note: If I am not available for your date, I will send you recommendations for other photographers where I know you’ll be in good hands.

[email protected]

Written by Josiah Kopp

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