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History & Flavor Merge at Local, Beloved Dive O’Kelly’s Bar & Grill

On Main Avenue, right off the I-29 exit, O’Kelly’s Bar and Grill sits. Like most, it’s unassuming from the outside, but being connected to Biltmore Hotel & Suites—O’Kelly’s is nothing like your average “hotel bar.” This spot has been a local favorite for decades, evolving from a simple bar into a hub that combines good food, great company, and a dash of history. With lots of love in recent years, this “dive bar” is a place where the walls may be new, but the memories inside them aren’t!

O’Kelly’s has been home to various names since its build in 1964. The space first gained acclaim as ‘The Whale of a Tail,’ the lone seafood restaurant in the FM area at the time. By the 1970s, it had been known as a popular wedding venue. The real transformation occurred in 1985 with the birth of O’Kelly’s, conceptualized by three entrepreneurs. Over the years, it shifted from a dining space to adapting to smoking and non-smoking sections. Today’s O’Kelly’s, while modernized, still portrays the history of its “Irish pub-inspired” roots and serves as a great spot to watch the game, take the family out to eat, or relax during happy hour!

Okellys Bar And Grill wings 1
Meet Jeff & Rick, two O'Kelly's 10 a.m. coffee regulars!
Okellys Bar And Grill stew.jpg
The Shhh... Secret Stew, a dish that's stayed on the menu since O'Kelly's beginning, and our personal favorite item we ordered!

What to Know

A few years ago, the bar underwent a major facelift, ditching the 1980s green tile floors and red lamps for a fresher look—going from a mullet to a modern haircut.

Okellys Bar And Grill wings 3

Rumor has it that a former patron’s spirit still mingles around O’Kelly’s, possibly spooking the staff but definitely adding to the bar’s charm!

With a 100% scratch kitchen, O’Kelly’s prides itself on unique and delicious dishes, with items that are staples on the menu, like the age-old stew recipe, and experimentations, like its Friday “Mac-o-theMoments!”

From blue-collar workers to executives, O’Kelly’s regulars are as diverse as its menu—like a melting pot, but with more beer.

sSaturdays are hot at O’Kelly’s—nights are filled with
karaoke and kids eat free all day!

Our Rating

O’Kelly’s Bar, with its rich history, diverse crowd, and mouth-watering menu, is more than it seems. Whether you’re a trivia-loving college student, a karaoke superstar, or just someone craving a good old-fashioned burger with a side of friendly stories, O’Kelly’s is a go-to spot. Don’t judge this book by its cover; the real story is inside, preferably next to a plate of their famous scratchmade pizza!

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3800 Main Ave, Fargo
Facebook | /OKellysBarGrill

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Written by Kessie Kessie

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