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The Top 9 Toys for the Chrismas Season at SCHEELS – 2022

That’s right Folks, the most wonderful time of the year, Christmas, is just around the corner. Every year, there are changing trends that the SCHEELS Experts watch closely to identify the hottest toys, and the list below, will not disappoint!


SCHEELS is stocked with a plethora of LEGO options. One of the most popular toys in the United States since the 70’s, everyone’s favorite building blocks are still hot, and SCHEELS has all kinds of sets from Frozen, to Friends to Mario and everything in between!

Toy Blasters

If your children are looking for a fun and safe way to battle with their friends, SCHEELS has you covered with a wide selection of toy blasters.

Nerf Gelfire Guns – In addition to a wide selection of traditional style Nerf guns, SCHEELS has the new Nerf Pro Gelfire Mythic Blaster, an absolute game changer in the Nerf universe. Not only is the toy gun equipped with a motorized blaster, it also shoots water-hydrated pellets that burst upon impact and don’t leave a stain. No more stopping to gather ammo!

X-Shot – SCHEELS carries a number of great X-Shot options including the Zuru X-Shot Dino Attack Combo Pack, the Zuru X-Shot Excel Omega Blaster and the blaster approved by your favorite E-Sports team, the X-Shot FaZe Clan Respawn.

Bug-A-Salt – SCHEELS has multiple Bug-A-Salt products. Have fun while keeping your place free of bothersome bugs with the new limited edition Bug-A-Salt 3.0 Clear ‘Em Out, which features a lighter trigger for easier shooting and a lifted barrel with Patridge sight for easier shooting.

Mini Brands

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When you open up a Mini Brands, you know you are going to get something fun and small. Everything else is a surprise from there. SCHEELS has all of the best options including Surprise Series, Toy and the Disney store edition.

Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels, another longtime American favorite, is still standing tall, and SCHEELS has all their latest creations.


From Dreamhouses to DreamCampers to dolls, accessories and everything in between, SCHEELS has you covered if we are talking about all things Barbie. One toy item that is sure to be a hit with any Barbie fans out there is the Barbie Cutie Reveal Doll with Costume.

Games Galore!

One thing that will never go out of style is board games. They are great for camaraderie, and each game played will always be different. SCHEELS has all of the classics, like Uno, Scrabble, and Clue, as well as newer options like Slappy Camper and Monopoly Builder!


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Let creativity flourish with Play-Doh. The squishy, moldable and kid-safe favorite is better than ever with specialty options, scented options and a whole lot more!


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Adults reading this, there is no need to pretend you wouldn’t have loved one of these growing up. AirForts offer children an opportunity to get away and let their imaginations thrive in blowup environments with options ranging from houses to castles to spaceships and more. These awesome gifts take just 30 seconds to inflate, measure 6 feet in diameter, and are 4 feet tall!

Ty Plush

Fuzzy, cute and cuddly never go out of style. SCHEELS has a wide assortment of Ty Plush dolls to ensure that every kid out there has something to snuggle up with this holiday season.

What you see here is only a snippet of what the expansive SCHEELS toy section in Fargo has to offer. Check out to view their entire catalog, or stop into the store to talk with a SCHEELS Expert today to find the perfect gift for the most magical holiday season.

1551 45th St S, Fargo

Written by Brady Drake

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