What is Scheels University?

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The SCHEELS University system is the foundation of developing experts for our company. We have used this form of training for over 25 years! We know that hands-on, experience-based training is the best way to teach our experts about the products they will be selling.

The SCHEELS University system is dedicated to giving our associates the opportunity to improve their knowledge, experience level, and skill with the products we sell. When a customer walks into a SCHEELS store, they want to talk with an associate who is experienced with the products they are looking to buy.

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Scheels University from the Experts

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What do you want the biggest takeaway to be for associates who attend?

The biggest takeaway for an associate attending a SCHEELS University is the knowledge of how a product works and performs.The first-hand experience experts gain while using the product allows them have the tools necessary to assist customers in finding the right product for their needs.

When an associate attends a university, we want to provide them with an experience that they will be able to use while helping customers on our sales floor. We have done our job when a sales associate is able to say, “When I was at SCHEELS University, I used this product, and this is what my experience taught me.”

Fishing University

Camping University

Human Resources University

How many associates participate in universities each year?

We train over 1500 associates each year at our 25 universities and 9 grad schools.

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What kinds of universities are there?

We have universities for almost every area of our stores, including fishing, optics, archery, guns, footwear, athletic and fashion clothing, hockey, golf, watersports, fitness, HR, and social media and events university!

If we sell it in our stores, we can train it through our university system. Along with the product education, we spend time focusing on selling techniques and skills needed to truly take care of customer needs.

Scheels Universities

The following universities provide a specialized hands-on approach that gives experts the tools to make your next shopping experience the best yet, all because of the time and dedication to the customers, and their expert experience when they walk through the doors.

How did Universities come to be?

Who is scheels university for?

Current SCHEELS employees showing strong leadership potential may be offered the opportunity to attend a SCHEELS University in their specialty shop. We are always looking for new experts to join our team.

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