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The Food Truck Feed

Food trucks are the peak of summer eating, and we have some tasty treats in the Fargo Moorhead area. These meals on wheels aren’t just delicious, but part of their intrigue is simply the mystery-you have to find them.

Social media might just be our best friend in the hunt for the food trucks. We found some of the metro’s best food trucks on Instagram and want to share them with you. So grab your device and make you follow these tasty trucks so you know where to find your favorite on-the-move meals!

Pico Food Truck

Pico Food Truck is a local favorite specializing in fresh, made-from-scratch tacos. The homemade flour tortillas for their delicious tacos, which range from slow-cooked meat to vegetarian, are a go-to for summer eating!

Jumbo’s Sloppy Joe

Jumbos Food Truck hails from the North Dakota beloved Jumbo’s Drive-In. While originally a restaurant, you can find that iconic taste at this food truck or in their canned joe sauce that is available for purchase. From the traditional joe to a delicious coney dog to a twist on mac-n-cheese, you’ll find comfort in this classic!

Windsor Waffle

Sweet doesn’t even begin to describe these delectable British street waffles, although they are covered in it. From rainbow sprinkles to chocolate syrup to marshmallows, these unique walking waffles are as much of a joy to eat as they are to look at! These are a must-try this summer season.

Adibon Fusion Cuisine

Adibon Fusion Cuisine is a family-owned African European Fusion Cuisine restaurant, which also offers the Adibon Catering food truck. They bring nutrition, flavor and culture together to create heart (and belly) warming dishes.

Lupe’s Tacos

Voted “Best Food Truck 2021”, Lupe’s Tacos takes everything you love about tacos, and make it better. Try classics like brisket street tacos or a grande burrito, or their incredible honey sriracha street tacos or loaded nachos. Even better, keep going back to try it all!

Diamond Daisy

Diamond Daisy food truck brings “food truck food” to the next level. Forget everything you’d expect and consider a whole new food truck experience! Find your favorite street food feel but with a delicious twist. Find the truck and find your new favorite on-the-go meal!

Vittle’s Fargo

Arguably one of the most iconic food truck stops, Vittle’s Fargo serves the area a classic hotdog and more. Find that classic American summer flavor with these hotdogs, plus add whatever your heart desires for toppings. Find your favorite flavors with these dogs!

Northern Brain Freeze

Nothing cools the summer heat like sweet shaved ice, and Northern Brain Freeze has you covered. Find and fulfill your shaved ice dreams as you choose from over 20 flavors, and sugar-free options are available! Chill out with these treats this summer!

Casa Delicia Eatery

This hotspot is oozing with amazing dishes to try. Casa Delicia Eateries began as a food truck, and now owns its own spot on 623 Northern Pacific Ave in downtown Fargo! Come try out any of their mouthwatering meals at the restaurant or find their food truck late at night on the weekends downtown this summer!

Mae Daddy’s Fargo Fillies

This delicious duo fills two amazing cravings in the Fargo-Moorhead area-mac-n-cheese and Philly cheesesteak sandwiches. These two dishes are at the next level when it comes to Mac Daddy’s and Fargo Fillies. You can find these at their food truck stations or at their restaurant on 12th Ave by NDSU!

Written by Geneva Nodland

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