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10 Reasons to Check Out SCHEELS Corporate Office

It’s no secret that SCHEELS is one of the finest companies in our metro, so much so that you might wonder how they’re able to maintain such a quality operation. During a tour at the SCHEELS headquarters in South Fargo, we may have found the answers!

1. They have a Cafe!

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That’s right, Ginna’s Cafe, named after the grandmother of SCHEELS CEO Steve M. Scheel, serves a wide variety of meals and coffee drinks to suit everyone’s taste buds in SCHEELS stores all across the country! Whether at the store or in the corporate offices, all SCHEELS associates have the opportunity to delight in the cafe’s delicious concoctions for breakfast and lunch.

2. They have an awesome Employee Gym!

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Staying fit while balancing work, family, friends, and everything else going on in our busy lives can be difficult! SCHEELS supports and empowers their employees to stay healthy, squeeze in their workout, and accomplish fitness goals, with the addition of an employee gym! This facility is located on the corporate campus for associates to utilize at their convenience, and is stocked with all of the equipment and recovery accessories one could ever need. They even have massage chairs!

3. Woodshop

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Perhaps one of the best-kept secrets of SCHEELS is their woodshop, where master craftsmen are capable of designing and building nearly anything the stores need for new and existing SCHEELS locations. “Our main focus is on new stores or stores that are going through a major remodel, as well as supporting existing stores with their fixture needs,” says Woodshop Leader Luke Picard. “ By keeping it in-house, we’re able to control costs, as well as ensure quality and consistency in each of our stores.”

By keeping it in house, we’re able to control costs as well as ensure quality,” Woodshop Leader, Luke Picard, said in a previous interview with Spotlight.

4. The ECOM Team.

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The e-commerce team in the Corporate Office consists of over 75 associates, dedicated to delivering world-class customer service, a great online experience for SCHEELS customers, execute email, push and text marketing campaigns to drive sales and support growth initiatives. E-commerce jobs include content creation, digital communication, analytics, merchandising, customer service and fulfillment.

“As we grow, our reputation within SCHEELS continues to grow, creating the opportunity to coordinate daily with our stores and provide a cohesive, best-in-class experience for our customers.” Ray Hauge, E-Commerce Technical Leader.

5. SCHEELS utilizes an in-house production room.

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The production room at SCHEELS allows the team to print in-house quickly and efficiently. With the capabilities to print wall mural vinyls, name tags, business cards, in-store posters and so much more, the production room team stays busy making sure SCHEELS stores and offices look their best.

6. Lights, camera action inside SCHEELS studio.

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The SCHEELS Creative Media team has over 10 associates to capture content, edit photos and create videos for their commercials, social media content, catalogs, and the SCHEELS website. The in-house studio provides the SCHEELS Marketing team with the opportunity to be nimble and efficient in their marketing efforts.

7. SCHEELS offers plenty of internship opportunities.

Operations volunteering at The Great North Pole

Many people don’t know that SCHEELS also offers internship opportunities in almost all departments. Is there a better place for those looking to get a foot in the door and gain real-world experience? We don’t think so!

8. SCHEELS sets up their employees for success!

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SCHEELS offers endless opportunities for employees to develop, both personally and professionally. With a focus on developing experts in their specialty shops, SCHEELS implements a university system where associates get hands-on experience using the products they will sell in stores and additional educational tools to set them up for success in creating great shopping experiences for customers.

9. SCHEELS is 100% Employee-owned.

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As an ESOP, SCHEELS is 100% employee owned. The company chose to transition to an ESOP in 1991 and have found new heights through the ownership structure.

There’s a level of accountability that is established when you’re an employee owned company that I don’t think is necessarily always there otherwise,” said SCHEELS CFO Michelle Killoran in a previous interview with our sister publication Fargo INC.

10. SCHEELS has open positions in the corporate office and the store.

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Head to scheels.com/careers to learn more about your future career with SCHEELS!

Bonus Q&A

With SCHEELS Corporate Human Resource Specialist Molly Stanley

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What do you consistently hear employees say is the most fulfilling part of working at SCHEELS?

One of the most common questions we get asked in interviews is what we love most about SCHEELS, and the answer is always unanimous: THE PEOPLE! Not only do SCHEELS associates create an amazing experience for our customers on the sales floor, they also create an amazing atmosphere for each other, which makes people truly enjoy coming to work. Another strong contender is that associates are given the opportunity to work in areas they are passionate about, making their time at SCHEELS more than a job! Sometimes those passions are for hunting and the outdoors, which help elevate the level of knowledge and expertise in our stores. Other times that passion is for software development, and those associates fulfill their passions by creating the framework and programs to support our store associates and processes. All SCHEELS associates are empowered to reach outside of the duties listed on their job descriptions to try new things and explore their passions and interests to create genuine and fulfilling growth throughout their careers.

How does SCHEELS help with professional development?

SCHEELS emphasizes growth and professional development. The mantra our teams follow when hiring is, “We take great people, lead them by example, and immerse them in our culture, while helping them become great and continually better, all while enjoying their career or parttime work at SCHEELS.

“It’s one of the highest compliments an employer can receive when someone chooses to work for us, and an even higher compliment when they choose to make SCHEELS their career. Our leadership teams are dedicated to helping associates identify their professional goals and guide them to the best opportunities and avenues to meet those goals. SCHEELS is known for being more than a job. When an associate decides to work for us, we make sure to match that commitment by offering endless training opportunities in areas such as empowerment, leadership development, product knowledge, and SCHEELS business.

Can you tell us anything about the benefits package?

SCHEELS offers a highly competitive benefits package to our associates that includes flexible scheduling, one of the best discounts in the industry, and, best of all, we are 100% employee-owned!

What is SCHEELS looking for in employees?

We take great pride in our culture and look for people who meet our expectations of being a good teammate, being accountable and having a positive attitude, above all else.

Who should apply?

As an Equal Opportunity Employer, SCHEELS welcomes all to apply. We have a variety of positions for people of different skill and experience levels and are willing to train candidates in all areas, who are positive and committed to being good teammates.

Do you have any tips for those looking to prepare themselves for a career with a great company like SCHEELS?

SCHEELS is known for its beautiful stores and commitment to our customers.

Those things aren’t a happy accident, they take commitment and intention from everyone in our company. Someone coming on board with SCHEELS can prepare to be simultaneously challenged to meet and exceed those standards, while also being supported by their teams. One of the main culture points in our company is, “We do WHATEVER IT TAKES to get the job done.”

How is SCHEELS adjusting to the changing hiring landscape?

SCHEELS as a company is incredibly nimble! SCHEELS continues to engage with our current associates to ensure that we are maintaining a safe and enjoyable workplace, as well as remaining competitive in our local job markets, while learning what is important to our future associates. While the world around us continues to change, SCHEELS holds true to our values of hard work and thinking like an owner every day.

To learn more, visit scheels.com/careers

Written by Brady Drake

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