Celebrating the Fargo-Moorhead Area Through National Days
Celebrating the Fargo-Moorhead Area Through National Days
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Celebrating the Fargo-Moorhead Area Through National Days

Check out these local businesses for upcoming National Day festivities!

Every day, someone is posting about a national day of celebration that I had no idea existed. There are so many fun national days that we here at Fargo Monthly think are not celebrated enough. That’s why we are utilizing the National Day Calendar, founded by fellow North Dakotan Marlo Anderson, to highlight some of the national days you didn’t know existed—and direct you to a few local businesses to celebrate those days!

August 17 Black Cat Appreciation Day

Black Cat Appreciation Day is a day aimed at dispelling the myths surrounding black cats. To celebrate, consider fostering or adopting a black cat from one of our local animal shelters. Or, if you can’t house a black cat, consider donating to the shelter!

Cat’s Cradle Shelter Inc.
9 9th St S, Fargo
(701) 356-7877

Homeward Animal Shelter
1201 28th Ave N, Fargo
(701) 239-0077

August 19 Aviation Day

National Aviation Day is a day created to recognize pioneers of human flight. From hot air balloons to gliders to modernday passenger jets, humanity has been finding new ways to take to the air since the late 1800s. Celebrate these innovators by exploring the Fargo Air Museum, signing up for a class or a plane ride through the Fargo Jet Center, or even building your own model airplane!

Fargo Air Museum
1609 19th Ave N, Fargo
(701) 293-8043

Fargo Jet Center
3801 20th St N, Fargo
(701) 235-3600

August 24 National Waffle Day

National Waffle Day commemorates the anniversary of the first waffle iron patent issued. Whether you prefer sweet or savory waffles, you can celebrate with some of Fargo’s favorite waffle restaurants and vendors!

Black Coffee & Waffle Bar
550 2nd Ave N, Fargo
(701) 566-8749

The Shack on Broadway
3215 Broadway N, Fargo
(701) 356-2211

Windsor Waffles
Catch them at the Red River
Market 8.26!
[email protected]

August 26 National Dog Day

Just like Black Cat Appreciation Day, dogs deserve some love, too! On National Dog Day, consider adopting or fostering a local shelter dog, or treating your furry friend to a special treat from a local store. And be sure to give them a good belly rub while you’re at it!

4 Luv of Dog Rescue
1523 23rd St S, Moorhead
(701) 205-0190

Bark’n Biscuits
4035 40th Ave S Suite D, Fargo
(701) 203-5488

Homeward Animal Shelter
1201 28th Ave N, Fargo
(701) 239-0077

Three Dog Bakery
465 32nd Ave E Suite B, West Fargo
(701) 532-2420

September 1 National Food Bank Day

National Food Bank Day is a day that encourages you to contribute to food banks in the name of relieving hunger. Over 10% of US households go food insecure, and donating to your local food bank helps reduce that number each day. Donate to the Great Plains Food Bank, or directly to one of your local food pantries, to help celebrate the hunger relief that these organizations provide.

Great Plains Food Bank
1720 3rd Ave N, Fargo
(701) 232-6219

Emergency Food Pantry
1101 4th Ave N, Fargo
(701) 237-9337

Dorothy Day Food Pantry
45 21st Ave E Suite A, West Fargo
(218) 656-7628

September 3 National Cinema Day

National Cinema Day is a day meant to celebrate film and encourage cinema lovers to go see a movie on the big screen. It’s the perfect day to see the most recent release you’ve had your eye on. Celebrate at one of Fargo’s theaters!

Fargo Theatre
314 Broadway N #4715, Fargo
(701) 239-8385

Century Cinema
3931 9th Ave SW, Fargo
(701) 281-1335

West Acres Cinema
4101 17th Ave S, Fargo
(701) 282-6930

September 6 National Read a Book Day

National Read a Book Day encourages everyone, young and old, to read. You don’t even need to buy a book! Head down to your local library to celebrate this national day and enjoy some books for free.

Main Library
01 4th St N, Fargo
(701) 241-1472

Dr. James Carlson Library
2801 32nd Ave S, Fargo
(701) 476-4040

Northport Library
2714 N Broadway, Fargo
(701) 476-4026

West Fargo Public Library
215 3rd St E, West Fargo
(701) 515-5200

Moorhead Public Library
118 5th St S, Moorhead
(218) 233-7594


Support your local businesses and celebrate the upcoming national days with all of us at Fargo Monthly! Check out more national days at nationaldaycalendar.com

Written by Sam Kise

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