Fargo Monthly's Cover Stories of 2021
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Fargo Monthly’s Cover Stories of 2021

Each month, we take a peak at something great in Fargo-Moorhead. The hard part? There’s so much that is new and exciting. With this in mind, it can be even harder to pick a cover story, much less a cover for the magazine.

However, this is something we must do every month. Here is a look back at the covers and cover stories Fargo Monthly put together in 2021.

All of these articles can be found on fargomonthly.com or issuu.com/fmspotlight


Just in time for Dakota Medical Foundation’s Giving Hearts Day on February 11, Fargo Monthly is excited to dedicate a whole issue to the local non-profits and charities in our community. Read about different organizations and learn how they are making a positive impact on our community and those who live in it.


We all have a sugar craving every once in a while, a hankering for something sweet and delicious. While it may send our dentists heading for the hills, there is something special about a treat that tickles the tastebuds with sugar and glee. We’re here to celebrate those sugary delights provided by local bakeries, pastry shops and candy companies. The next time you have that sugar craving, look no further.


We all strive to feel and look our best. How we feel is one of the fundamental principles of health and wellness. Oftentimes, we take our health and well-being for granted, but it is perhaps the most important facet of a happy life. Whether it is eating right or exercising, getting motivated to be healthy can sometimes be a struggle. This month, we are here to meet you where you are at in your health and fitness journey. Whether you are beginning, continuing or returning to a healthy lifestyle, we have the stories and resources for you.


Small business is a vital part of any community. Regardless of the type of business, Fargo-Moorhead continues to be a burgeoning area for new, local businesses. An industry this is most prevalent in is fashion and shopping. We have been so lucky to welcome new boutiques, stores and businesses to our ever-growing community. This month, we highlight a few small businesses in that industry. Each of the four businesses featured within has its own niche within the shopping world. What they all have in common is this: they are owned and operated by women. Meet these strong women and the businesses behind them.


We have spent well over a year in seclusion from the outside world. With the days of quarantine slowly fading away and the weather warming, it’s time to get out. The summer is a perfect time to load up the car or camper and have an adventure. Whether it is a journey to a state park with the family or a national park with friends, the great outdoors beckons.


Tacos really are the perfect food. A corn or flour tortilla provides the perfect vessel for a wide variety of flavor combinations. From traditional tacos to the more exploratory versions, find the taco that is right for you!


If you think back on your fondest childhood memories, there’s a good chance most of them were formed at the park! As a child, parks are the perfect place to congregate with friends, form new relationships, or get lost in your imagination. As you grow, that doesn’t change. What does change is your ability to see outside your immediate bubble. Yes, there are other parks… and trails… and golf courses… and pools! All of which are wonderful to explore. While we can’t highlight every single one of the hundreds of parks and facilities our three cities have to offer, we wanted to create this magazine as a way to inform and remind our community of a few of the crown jewels that the Fargo Park District, West Fargo Park District and Moorhead Parks & Recreation have available to get the young and old outside.


In this magazine, you’ll be treated to wonderful photography of some of the cutest felines and canines in the area. What’s more, they could be your newest companion! Every animal you see in this issue is up for adoption and many of them have been long-term residents of their shelters.


Fargo Monthly is highlighting some of the area’s finest international dining destinations. Whether you like curries, tacos or a nice kung pao chicken, this is the issue for you.


It is said a lot, but the arts are so important in our community. They add a level of vibrancy and identity for everyone living in the Fargo-Moorhead area and our local musicians play a huge part in that. In this issue, meet just a couple of the local artists you’ve never heard of but should.


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Who doesn’t love soup? Seriously, who? It’s so versatile. Use whatever, vegetables, meat, seasonings, broths or creams you want. Don’t want something hot? That is more than understandable. Sometimes you’re just not in the mood. Good thing you can still have some gazpacho! In this issue, we bring you some amazing soup recipes to try and so much

Written by Brady Drake

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