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10 New Business In Town That Have Us Excited

We don’t just like Fargo, we love Fargo! And if there’s one thing Fargo does great, it’s supporting new businesses in the community – something we aren’t lacking in. Seemingly every month, we are treated to another dining or entertainment option. Our city is constantly welcoming great places to spend time with friends and family, or even just some time with yourself. When a new business comes around that everyone gets enjoyment from, communities like ours want it to stick around for as long as possible, so hopefully, they are utilizing the resources out there like tax professionals, community support services, lease accounting software (if it applies to them), etc. It is so important for communities to feel good about businesses that are set up and vice versa.

Several businesses from the neighborhood areas are also known to have sold their old shops in order to be a part of the community at Fargo. Though it is still unknown how much those old shops were sold for, by looking at the pomp and show of the new shops opened by those entrepreneurs, it can be assumed that they might have hit something like a jackpot. Probably, the shop owners would have contacted somebody from a reputed real estate firm like Upstate, who helped them throughout the process. Talking about real estate firms, those who want to sell their shops or other properties can consider searching real estate northern beaches on the search engine to contact agencies like the one mentioned above.

Anyway, let us come back to the topic of the newly opened businesses at Fargo. The 10 places we chose to feature in this magazine aren’t necessarily the 10 things that we are most excited about, there are far too many businesses in and around the community worth experiencing! They simply provide a glimpse into some of the new gems that help create the community we call home.

701 Eateries

Looking for a spot to enjoy all of the comforting foods of home in a cool environment? Look no further than 701 Eateries.

701 Eateries provides visitors with two distinct and complimentary dining experiences under one roof. As soon as you walk in the doors at 701 Eateries, visitors are introduced to Prairie Kitchen, a restaurant with a uniquely Scandinavian design, and taste. Think Swedish meatballs, lefse and delicious steaks in a cozy atmosphere. Upstairs is another Scandanavian experience all its own, Camp Lone Tree, a party area complete with a patio and the perfect mix of pub food and midwestern favorites.

“When I go out, I really like to be able to go from place to place,” said Co-Owner Shelby Terstriep. “However, over here in this area of town, there aren’t a lot of places. Now, there’s Fargo Brewing, which is awesome. People can go there, come here and grab a bite to eat at Prairie Kitchen and then go party up at Camp Lone Tree.”

Although 701 Eateries has been open since May, the ownership team, which consists of Shelby Terstriep, Britt Belquist, Chad Terstriep, Alex Belquist, Eric Myhre and Sarah Myhre, is always looking to keep things fresh with events and new menus and offerings. For example, guests at Prairie Kitchen can expect a rotating “hotdish of the moment”, which will allow even the most frequent visitors to try something new on a weekly basis if they so choose. The team has also unveiled a weekend brunch menu that is available from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

And, perhaps most importantly, 701 Eateries has plenty of fun options throughout the year for people to gather, with events ranging from “Movement + Mimosas” to celebrity meet and greets.


Upstairs, in Camp Lone Tree, visitors can enjoy their new winter theme over the next couple of months which will include cozy, stylish and warm reservable igloos that allow diners to take in the beauty of the outdoor space in comfort. The 701 Eateries team will also be installing a miniature Curling sheet for those looking to try their hand at the niche winter sport.

To learn more, visit 701eateries.com

701 N University Dr
Fargo, ND 58102

Sushi Burito Cafe

Nutdanai Nongnuang and Aleyah Fettig opened Sushi Burrito Cafe in January, and now after being open almost a full year, they say they’ve learned a lot but still have more in store for their business.

Inside the cafe you’ll find lots of color, local art displayed on the walls, beautifully homemade paper flowers by Aleyah’s mother, the perfect LED and leafy “instagrammable” wall art, possibly executed by something similar to peel and stick wallpaper or even the handy work of an artist, and of course an abundance of different treats for whatever you’re craving. When most people think of n but at Sushi Burrito Cafe, the owners wanted to keep the delicious dish while creating a new concept.

They developed it around the idea that there are a lot of on-the-go people in downtown Fargo and a lot of busy college students. They wanted to offer them an easy way to enjoy their meal, so they developed the concept of sushi “burritos.” They also offer their signature burritos in poke bowl form and a variety of shareable plates and classic boba teas. Their main focus is Japanese food, as Aleyah is from Japan, but the restaurant also has a bit of Thai influence, as Nutdanai is from Thailand. Regardless of what you’re eating or drinking, the two want to ensure quality over anything.

“We make everything fresh here,” Nutdanai said. “If it goes bad, it goes bad. I’d rather dump it out than use it again and risk customers getting sick because you want to save a couple bucks.”

“We definitely pride ourselves on making a lot of things homemade,” Aleyah explained. They knew they wanted to open their business downtown, and now they’ve met other businesses in the area and support one another. They’ve grown close to their neighbors, especially since they share a kitchen with Pho D’licious.

“You want everybody to be successful, not just you.” Nutdanai explained. “That’s the kind of mindset we’re going towards, so if they’re successful, we’ll be successful downtown.”

Besides what’s on the menu, Nutdanai says there is something that makes Sushi Burrito really special.

“The biggest thing that makes us special is actually my employees,” he said. “It’s hard to find a work environment where you are happy being there, doing a job. If you come in here, you’re going to be treated well.”

The Fiery 007 is a fan favorite at Sushi Burrito Cafe!

If you’re not already on your way after seeing the photo of the “fiery 007” burrito roll, you can find Sushi Burrito Cafe on Northern Pacific Ave in downtown Fargo the next time you need a quick bite or are looking for a cute place where your phone can eat first!

Sushi Burrito Cafe
623 Northern Pacific Ave
Fargo, North Dakota 58102

United States Axe

United States Axe brings a competitive edge to an already unique passtime. Owners Niki and Dustin Knight had always wanted to open a business together. After going axe throwing together, Dustin said it felt like therapy for him.

With their growing business, Dustin and Niki’s have always wanted to support U.S. veterans. Dustin, being a veteran himself, found it hard to transition after he’d spent part of his life in the military. Once they opened their business, the couple wanted to help others who felt the same as Dustin did. They support veterans in different ways. They work with Eagle’s Healing Nest in Sauk Center, Minnesota, where local veterans built the wooden tables and bean bag toss boards at their location. In addition, they have quite a few veterans on staff.

“[Dustin] could do a lot of jobs. But I think anybody in the military can relate–once you’ve been in the service for so long, it’s hard to go back to a traditional job,” Niki explained. “So, this for him is perfect, and I think for a lot of other people it’s a good, different thing to feel passionate about.”

One of the unique features of United States Axe is their focus on the sport of axe throwing.

“You could walk up to a target with an axe, and you could get it to successfully stick. But it feels better when you can accelerate that process,” Niki said.

Both Nicki and Dustin compete in national and international competitions, and they bring those pro skills to their customers. When you come in, they will coach you on how to throw the axe until you feel comfortable, then the game starts. Niki said they like to get the group hyped up during their experience, and even send the “winner” home with a wooden trophy.

“You don’t have to walk in the door and compete, you can just have fun; but it is nice to have somebody guide you because for most people, they’ve never done this before,” she said.

Whether they are hosting a work party, a group of kids, or just some friends looking for something to do, you can always find some friendly competition and fun at United States Axe.

If you’re interested in booking a time to practice with the pros (at one of their locations or through their mobile unit) head to unitedstatesaxe.com.

United States Axe
4265 45th St S,
Fargo, ND 58104

Red River Refillery

Once she had the idea of a local refillery, Krista started working on her pop-up shop where people could refill on sustainably sourced products by the ounce and purchase household items to replace plastic ones. Since April of this year, Krista has offered the Fargo-Moorhead community these resources at farmers markets, craft shows and even through a local delivery and pickup system. For about a year and a half, Krista researched and bought products from different companies to figure out where she wanted to source her refill products and retail items from.

Prior to Red River Refillery, Krista ran a home daycare and then was a stay-at-home mom, so starting and owning a business was new territory for her. To get started, she participated in CO.STARTERS, a cohort-based entrepreneurship program through Emerging Prairie that equips small businesses with insights, relationships and tools to support their entrepreneurial journeys. There, she learned about the possibility of opening a pop-up shop, which would allow her to dip her toes in the proverbial pond rather than diving headfirst with a brick-and-mortar spot.

However, as Krista has found success through her pop-up locations and learned more along the way, she says Red River Refillery will have its own location by fall of next year.

Though she can’t explain it, Krista was driven to open the sustainable refillery.

“I wanted to shop this way, that’s the first main reason [why I wanted to open], and I figured more people had to as well…” she explained. “I never knew what I wanted to do in life, other than be a parent. And then all of a sudden, it’s like, this feels so right.”

The way the refillery works is quite simple. You bring an empty bottle (she sells clean, empty bottles if you don’t have any) and choose what product you want to fill it with. Then Krista weighs the bottle so she can subtract that from the weight after filling, and you just pay by the ounce! You can also order refills and items online for delivery or pick up from various locations. Some of her more popular products are laundry detergent and shampoo, but she offers various products for the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, in addition to miscellaneous items like reusable produce bags and more.

Krista said the most rewarding part of her journey thus far has been starting to see “familiar faces” at her pop-ups.

If you’re interested in visiting Red River Refillery and finding out what products you can bring into your life to reduce waste visit the refillery’s Facebook page to see where Krista’s next pop-up location is or visit redriverrefillery.com.


Having just opened at the end of September, JoJo’s Italian Restaurant has already started making a name for itself with unique dishes and dining experiences. As part of the Lucky’s 13 restaurant family, Front House Manager, Kaylie Laducer, explained that the owners wanted to offer an Italian restaurant to the community that is affordable, family-friendly and still authentic.

The atmosphere of the restaurant was important to meet those goals. Inside JoJo’s you’ll find lots of table and booth seating, a bar in the middle and a large kitchen window where delicious dishes are passed from chef to server to you. Almost all of the food at JoJo’s is from scratch, which means everyday the cooks prepare the majority of the food fresh for their dishes. The interior design and lighting are cozy and make for the perfect place for dinner with family or drinks and appetizers with friends.

Laducer said JoJo’s aims to be a place anybody can come to. Even for those who want to skip the traditional sit-down method, JoJo’s has something to offer. At the JoJo’s To Go Go section you can find takeout items as well as take and bake items. Laducer explained how easy it was to grab something and go, as the area even has its own entrance for anyone who wants to grab some grub and go.

“People really love our food. We always get compliments on our pizza and our pastas,” Laducer said.

From shareables like focaccia and fried ravioli, to Sicilian style pizzas, classic pastas and even sandwiches, JoJo’s will have something on the menu that everyone will enjoy. The Italian classics don’t stop at the food–JoJo’s offers a variety of Italian cocktails and even a wine flight. Laducer said that they pay attention to customers’ feedback to see what changes and additions they can make to their menu, and due to popular requests, they recently added Fettuccine Alfredo to their menu.

Next time you and your family or friends are craving some Italian, skip the kitchen and head to JoJo’s. You can eat it there or enjoy the dish in the comfort of your own home!

Three Dining Options! Dine-In, Take-Out, Take-and-Bake

915 19 Ave East
West Fargo, ND 58078

Jasper Hotel

The Jasper Hotel opened this summer and since has drawn the community in with it’s intriguing story, local events and delicious food. The design of the hotel and rooms were intentional, down to the color of the bathroom tiles. Designers were inspired by the prairie and wanted the decor to represent the community, geographically and historically. The name Jasper comes from Jasper B. Chaplin, a former mayor of Fargo in the late 1800’s when Fargo was experiencing a large boom, and who received the nickname, “Father of Fargo.”

There are many connections with Fargo’s history scattered throughout the hotel, but that’s not the extent. Rosewild is a Scandinavian inspired restaurant inside the hotel, the bow on top of this home-away from-home space. In addition, atop the terrace that lines the South and West corner of the building, you may be able to spot a bride and groom or students in a yoga class during the warmer weather. As for the colder months, Director of Operations Kylee Brisch gave us a sneak peek into the ice houses that will sit next to Broadway Square’s ice rink for people to enjoy.

“We are always aiming to be a little bit unique and different,” she said.

Whether you are from Fargo and looking for a beautiful staycation spot, or on the hunt for the perfect wedding venue, you’ll find something at Jasper Hotel.

To learn more, visit jasperfargo.com

Jasper Hotel
215 Broadway N,
Fargo, ND 58102

Soiree Victorian Tea Room & Antique Cafe

The Soiree Victorian Tea Room & Antique Caffe, which opened in 2020 and recently relocated to its new location at 1414 12th Ave N, Fargo, offers one of the most unique experiences you can find in the Fargo Moorhead area and is well worth a drive from any part of the metro.

Seriously, where else in the area can you stop in the middle of your day to enjoy an authentic “tea time,” complete with service, fine china, and some of the most exquisite pastries, sweets and finger sandwiches you’ll find in the area?

The spot is also an absolute gem for those looking to impress on a first date.

“We want this place to be an experience for people,” said Co-Owner Natalia Heike who started collecting authentic decor for the business all the way back in 2018. “People like to try new things. This helps people be in a world where they may never go.”

For those date-goers, reservations can be made on the company website for a 90-minute tea time experience.

(Note: the website will say 30 minutes, however, the experience is actually about 90 minutes long).

If you are looking to stop by and for a quick coffee, tea or one of the many rotating pastry options available, you are welcome to do that as well, no reservations required.

Visit fargotearoom.com to learn more.

The Soiree Victorian Tea Room & Antique Caffe
1414 12th Ave North
Fargo, ND 58102

Namaste Chai

Owner of Namaste Chai, Rani Singh, had always had the influence of hard work and of course, chai, in her life. She worked in her family’s restaurant growing up in Indianapolis, and again here in Fargo, at India Palace. Singh has her own family now, and wanted to find balance between her work and being a mother. She opened her traveling drive-thru chai cart on August 29.

“I can control my hours, I can be here for two hours, go home and be a mom,” she explained.

While opening her business was intimidating at first, Singh is supported by the community as she sees familiar faces at her cart, even if those faces have changed with the passing months.

“We just needed it.” Singh explained. “Getting up in the morning to have something healthy, something that isn’t full of sugar or something that isn’t full of chemicals; I can give someone real spices and make them feel good, that’s what we want to do.”

Namaste Chai is organic and chock full of good ingredients, green cardamom, black cardamom, cloves, ginger, basil, and star anise to name a few. (name) uses natural sweeteners like honey to make her drinks’ flavors. The fruity flavored chai teas are popular with the afternoon crowd, but Singh says the Dirty Chai with a shot of caramel or vanilla is her most popular option “especially in the morning.” In addition to their menu items, Singh has featured seasonal flavors like pumpkin spice and cider chai.

Singh described her journey with her chai cart simply.

“I just can’t tell you how happy I am,” she said.

As the temperatures continue to drop, Singh thinks December will be their last month open for the year. But if you missed Namaste Chai around town, keep March in mind as their potential reopening in 2022. Stay up to date on where and when you can get your chai at NamasteChaiFargo on Facebook

Hoist Hockey

Hoist Hockey Founder, Harry Wood posing in front of the shortened 3 v. 3 rink.

Hockey is a great sport that offers children the opportunity to have fun and create some of the most memorable times in their life. However, it can be a challenge in this hockey-crazed part of the country to provide children with the proper skill development necessary to compete with their peers while still keeping the game fun. Hoist Hockey is looking to change that.

In this part of the world, people take their hockey very seriously. Usually, children start skating at the age of three (or younger), playing at five and training very seriously shortly after. Oftentimes, that training will take the form of traditional drills. Think cones, whistles and instruction from coaches. While necessary, this way of learning leaves out a couple very important elements in player development – fun and creativity.

At Hoist Hockey, the central part of player development is the most fun part, playing the game, which is done on a smaller rink in 3 v. 3 fashion in order to work on reaction time and quick decision making.

“The whole idea behind the business is just to give kids a chance to play more,” said Founder Harry Wood. “Instead of whistles and yelling coaches, we want kids to have the opportunity to just play the game. The usage of the outdoor rinks has decreased year after year, and there’s a number of factors towards that. But here, parents can drop their kids off, they have supervision, they have hockey coaches that are helping give them with instruction, but it’s up to them to learn how to make passes, learn how to make plays and get a feel for the game.”

Hoist Hockey is for all ages, offering memberships to youth and high school level players. Athletes participate in two games per week during the school year, and during the summer players also have access to two ice sessions per week and a Friday morning shooting clinic. During the club hockey season, athletes have the opportunity to participate in one game per week.

“We’ve tried to turn everything into a game and make it as fun as it can possibly be. The goal is to let the kids have fun, let them play but then be working towards their athletic and hockey performance along the way, ” said Wood, who got the idea for Hoist Hockey from several similar facilities in the twin cities area as well as Canada.

For those interested in learning more, visit hoisthockey.com.

Hoist Hockey
5451 53rd Ave South
Fargo, ND 58104

Indigo Bloom

DSC 4262
Owner of Indigo Bloom Yoga & Wellness, Jessica Bledsoe

Owner of Indigo Bloom, Jessica Bledsoe, started her journey with yoga just as many others have; in her parents’ basement watching someone on YouTube. She eventually found a local studio to grow her passion for yoga. What started as an outlet for Jessica’s anxiety and depression turned to something she wanted to explore deeper.

“As being somebody who was never fully athletic, I found something that I could actually do. And I found power in it,” Jessica said.

Once she was hooked on the practice, she decided to do her 200-hour training to receive her certification. Like many others, the pandemic took away the ability to practice in a studio, so Jessica decided then to do her additional 300-hour training. Eventually, she traveled to Arizona and took a yoga class there. She said that class was liberating for her and she knew immediately afterwards that she was going to change careers and open her own studio.

“I just really wanted to give back to Fargo what yoga had given to me, an outlet for your mind and your soul through a workout,” she said.

Indigo Bloom features a large heated studio, raw juice bar, and a variety of apparel to purchase. Jessica works to make sure what she offers supports small businesses or sustainability. Her juices are freshly pressed and organic, she works with a group of other small business owners around the nation to stock her apparel and she heats her studio with eco-friendly, infrared heating panels.

Jessica wanted to open a studio that was a welcoming space for everyone to practice yoga in. Even the name Indigo was chosen with this idea in mind. She explained that the word ‘indigo’ is “related to deviation and helping others, and suggests fairness and impartiality.” At Indigo Bloom, Jessica wants to give the comfort that regardless of level, no one will ever be judged there.

“I just want to build that family again and really bring yoga back to the core of yoga, which is sharing the practice with others and finding yourself through what you do.”

If you’d like to attend a class head to indigobloomyoga.com to learn about the instructors, different classes and how to register.

Indigo Bloom Yoga & Wellness
4609 33rd Ave S,
Fargo, ND 58104

Written by Brady Drake

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