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5 Things To Eat & Drink in the FM Area This December

While we still see the sun every once in a while, it’s safe to say that winter has arrived and is here to stay until spring. So, what’s a better way to warm up than with a tasty, hot cup of comfort… or, soup! Check out these five soups from around town that you should try this month.

1. Coconut Soup

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Next time you’re craving comfort in a bowl, try the Coconut Soup from Sirirath Thai House! This soup is slightly spicy, made with coconut milk, with chicken, lemon grass, mushrooms, onion and galangal. Every part of this dish is bursting with flavor, yet soothing with every bite!

Sirirath Thai House

2. Chicken Katsu Ramen

5 things to eat drink this month 2

Escape the chill and warm up with the Chicken Katsu Ramen from Ninja Ramen Poke Bowl! This savory meal starts with a broth soup with noodles and topped with tempura fried chicken, nori, fish cakes, bamboo shoots broccoli and a soft-boiled egg. Finished with scallions, this dish will fill all of your soup needs!

Ninja Ramen Poke Bowl

3. Pho Rau Cai

5 things to eat drink this month 3

Bring family and friends and head to Jade Dragon for a hot bowl of their Pho Rau Cai! In this filling bowl, you’ll find a variety of vegetables like bell peppers, snow peas, water chestnuts, and more vegetables, as well as tofu and rice noodles. This is served with bean sprouts, basil, lime and hoisin sauce, and if tofu isn’t your taste, try any other protein… either way, try it out!

Jade Dragon
Facebook | Jade Dragon

4. Pozole

5 things to eat drink this month 4

If you’re looking for warm and cozy, wrapped in a bundle of flavor, head to El Vaqueros Taqueria and Mexican Restaurant to try their Pozole soup! In your bowl, you’ll find pork and hominy (dried maize kernels) soup with a red chili-based broth, topped with lettuce, onions and radishes. This combination of warm spice and freshness is perfect for a soup night out!

El Vaqueros Taqueria and Mexican Restaurant

5. Goat Meat Soup with Fufu

5 things to eat drink this month 6

Coming up on its one-year anniversary, Kings and Queens Jollof House offers the community a taste of delicious African dishes, one being the Goat Meat Soup with Fufu! This savory dish is a soup broth cooked with goat meat, mackerel and tilapia, paired with fufu made from plantains. The dough-like fufu side with the slightly-spicy soup makes for a filling and satisfying meal!

Kings and Queens Jollof House

Written by Geneva Nodland

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