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Chef Review | Kyle Armitage

Where food meets education, the next chef is at the root. Meet Chef Kyle Armitage, the Associate Professor/ Program Coordinator NDSCS Culinary Arts! Kyle has been teaching at North Dakota State College of Science (NDSCS) for almost 20 years. Starting work at a restaurant at the age of 15, almost all of his life has been spent surrounding Kyle’s “simple love of food.” In fact, Kyle has played a part of some of the area’s local chefs’ journeys, starting their careers under his instruction at NDSCS!

“From eating some amazing food, meeting some great people and traveling to many parts of the world, I would say that I try to live my life with passion. There are so many things to do, see, try and experience that I wonder where the days go and what will be next. I have a beautiful wife (Michelle) and two teenage boys (Paul and Gabe) who get to experience my love of food daily.”

Kyle decided to visit the restaurant of one of his previous students, Mezzaluna. He tried the seared salmon dish, with Onion Soubise, fondant potatoes, pancetta cabbage, white balsamic reduction and celery leaf. It was paired with the Crispy Fried Fetta drizzled with hot honey. And finally, finished off the meal with Cereal Milk Panna Cotta, with apple compote and cinnamon crunch granola.

“I think Mezzaluna has been and continues to be one of the must-visit restaurants in the FM area. Chef Joe and his staff continue to make great-tasting and beautiful food and serve it in a relaxed atmosphere. You can dress up or come in jeans and still be comfortable. The food is creative and exciting. The salmon dish has a lot of the elements that I love and it is a newcomer to their menu. I don’t have a chance to enjoy salmon as much as I would like, and I trust them to make it great. Who doesn’t like fried cheese! The panna cotta reminds me of my childhood. It tastes like a Saturday morning watching my favorite cartoons.”

NDSCS Culinary Arts
800 6th St. N. Wahpeton
701-671-2264 Office


The salmon has a nice clean flavor and a crispy sear. The sides complement the dish really well without covering up any of the flavors. It is a really sexy plate of food that is a savory food lover’s dream.

The Fetta is a great dish to share. Nice salty warm cheese with a complex hot honey. You can taste the jalapeno in the honey and the slight heat it brings is really fun. The splash of lemon rounds off the dish by keeping the flavor crisp.

The panna cotta is just really fun. It gets better the more you eat it. The bottom is the best part! Lots of cinamilk flavors. The apple compote gives it just a bit of tartness that livens up the dessert.

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309 Roberts St N, Fargo
(701) 364-9479
Facebook/Instagram: @dinemezzaluna / @dinemezzaluna

Written by Geneva Nodland

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