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5 Things to Eat & Drink in November

We dove into some classic dishes and drinks from around town to curate the perfect menu for you to explore throughout the month. This time of year tends to inspire a lot of at-home cooking and baking with loved ones, and while you should enjoy that, don’t forget to take it easy this month too! Give your kitchen a break and try any of these delicious local treats this month.

1. Autumn Chai

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Warm up the body while the weather cools down and celebrate the season with an Autumn Chai! This drink is a creamy, maple-sweetened Chai with real pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom and, for a smooth finish, a hint of vanilla. Keep an eye out on Facebook to see where Namaste Chai will be located around the FM area!

Namaste Chai
Facebook: @Namaste Chai

2. Smokey Pimento Dip

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As part of the new Rosewild Lounge + Social Hour Menus offered at the Jasper, the Smokey Pimento Dip is a must-try! This is a new spin on a traditional “old school” pimento, focusing on texture and flavors. You can tell this with the actual pimento flavor and large chunks of the sweet and smokey Beehive Cheddar. Mixed with the spice from fresh chipotles and French Espelette chile and topped with hearth-roasted scallions… this is the perfect rich, tangy and smokey snack to try!


3. Sausage Apple Blackbird Pizza

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As one of the most popular items on the menu, we had to recommend you try this pizza before the year’s end. The Sausage Apple Blackbird Pizza starts off with a Béchamel cream sauce, then is layered with housemade sausage and what might seem to be odd, but what works so well—Granny Smith apples. This combo is a wonderful blend of flavors, giving the dish, which is topped with fresh sage, parmesan cheese and micro greens, an intriguing lure and satisfying finish!

Blackbird Woodfire

4. 5656-OMG Rolls

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When Chef and Owner Judd started building The Backyard Grilling Company, he wanted to create one iconic item—that item became the 5656-OMG Rolls! Wanting to create a perfect yet efficient dish, he mixed bacon, chopped brisket, jalapeño peppers, and cream cheese, wrapped it in an egg-roll disguise, and served it with white BBQ sauce. This dish, found in the 56560, will absolutely have you saying, “OMG!”

The Backyard Grilling Company
Facebook: The Backyard Grilling Company

5. Homemade Cheesecake

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After trying this delicious Homemade Cheesecake from NoBull Smokehouse, you won’t look at dessert the same! This delicious treat is layered in a small mason jar, starting with a perfect crumbled crust, followed by a rich and creamy cheesecake base, and finally, topped with a dollop of whipped cream and sliced sweet strawberries in syrup. Next time you want a memorable final course, head to NoBull!

Nobull Smokehouse

Written by Geneva Nodland

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