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Wine Review: Fluffy Fields, Wind Chill Red

Review by Ashley Serbus of Cellar 624

Wine Chill Red

Fluffy Fields Vineyard & Winery, 2022

Wind Chill Red is a full-bodied, semi-dry red wine, made with a blend of Marquette and King of the North grapes. Chosen for its cold climate hardiness, the Marquette grape offers complex notes of cherry, berry, black pepper, and spice. The blending of the King of the North grape helps add a fruity, rich, and aromatic finish to produce a full-bodied semidry wine. The addition of North Dakota sweet clover honey during fermentation adds a unique flavor twist and helps mellow the high acidity in the cold climate grapes.

  • Top notes of red fruit, eucalyptus, and hints of aged oak
  • semi-dry, acidic, fullbody
  • rich, fruit, and aromatic finish
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At first sip, you will experience the likeness of biting into a juicy strawberry..."

The Review

Bright cranberry! A pale ruby red wine that has a dense nose with notes of red fruit, a bit of eucalyptus, and hints of oak aging. The standout characteristic of the Wind Chill Red is cranberry. This wine is basically a superfood! A nice dry, acidic, full-bodied yet light red that is very versatile. At first sip, you will experience the likeness of biting into a juicy strawberry or enjoying cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving dinner. As for pairing this wine, the options are quite endless. The Wind Chill Red will compliment many appetizers, charcuterie, Mediterranean fare, woodfired pizzas, as well as hearty holiday dinners including ham, turkey, seafood, and chicken. My top charcuterie pairings would be goat cheese, smoked salmon, salami, or aged cheddar. I also imagine enjoying this red with shrimp and mushroom linguine. A very approachable red for holiday meals and on a warm summer day! 

Cellar 624
624 Main Ave Suite 4B, Fargo

Fluffy Fields Vineyard & Winery
2708 21st Street E, Dickinson ND 58601
Websites | fluffyfields.com
Facebook | /fluffyfieldsvineyard
Instagram | @fluffy_fields

Written by Josiah Kopp

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