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Wine of the Month: Rookery Rock Winery

Review by Ashley Serbus of Cellar 624

Herry Cocoa Wine

Rookery Rock, 2022

“[The Cherry Cocoa Wine] is a sweet fruit wine that pairs well with many chocolate desserts. Very much fruitforward with a hint of chocolate behind the cherry. This wine is made from Western Red Sandcherries, sourced from Lake Maud, MN, infused with cocoa powder. We wanted a chocolate fruit wine that featured the fruit with only enough chocolate to enhance but not overpower the fruit.”
– Mark Vining, Rookery Rock

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  • Aromas of currant, cherry, cola, and earth
  • Mediumbodied wine with a touch of acidity and effervescence
  • Lingering, chocolatey finish

The Review

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"[This wine] is a must-try! A very unique blend and nostalgic flavor."

Whoa! This wine from Rookery Rock was not what I was expecting—but in a great way! This sweet red wine is exactly what it sounds like. On the nose, I experienced aromas of currant, cherry, cola, and earth, along with floral notes and hints of espresso. This is a nice medium-bodied wine with a touch of acidity and effervescence. There is some heat from the alcohol in this wine, which you don’t always experience in a sweeter varietal.

The layers of flavor vary from chocolate to cherry to red fruits and cola. Initially, I tasted notes of dark chocolate-covered cherries (my dad always had these around at Christmas!) and then as the finish lingered, I was reminded of one of my mom’s favorite candies, a tootsie roll or tootsie pop sucker!

This wine pairs with a variety of foods such as barbacoa, creamy cheeses (Havarti, blue, and brie), as well as complimenting a salty treat like potato chips. Personally, I would enjoy this wine on its own for dessert, or with a side of cheesecake. The Cherry Cocoa Wine from Rookery Rock is a must-try! A very unique blend and nostalgic flavor.

Cellar 624
624 Main Ave Ste 4B, Fargo

Rookery Rock Winery
3660 147th Ave SE Wheatland, ND 58079
Facebook | /rookeryrockwinery
Instagram | @rookeryrockwinery

Written by Josiah Kopp

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