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Wine of the Month: Petite Pearl, 4e Winery

“Because of its delicate flavor profile, we decided to make this variety into a soft delicate wine in the style of a Pinot Noir,” 4e owners Greg and Lisa Cook said. “The yeast was selected to soften the acids and bring out the fruity qualities of the grape. Our Petite Pearl was aged with American oak just long enough to provide a solid structure without overpowering the elegant flavors. The wine provides aromas of raspberries mingling with hints of cherry. Don’t let the light body fool you—the acid dances in your mouth and we love how the flavors transform from the moment it touches your tongue to the lingering delicate finish.”

  • aromas of red fruits (raisin, currants, and raspberries) and hints of oak
  • medium body with balanced acidity and tannic structure
  • lingering delicate finish
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"The Petite Pearl is a great everyday wine with a ton of versatility!"

The Review

This Petite Pearl is my kind of red! I am a big fan of Pinot Noir and Gamay wines; something light-bodied, fruitforward, and dry. On the nose, I found aromas of dried fruit (raisin), red fruits (currants and raspberries), as well as hints of oak. The palate was a nice medium m body with great acidity and a balanced tannic structure. 

This is a very easy-drinking, approachable wine with notes of red cherry and raspberry.

The tannins linger a bit and remind me of cranberry herbal tea. The Petite Pearl can be enjoyed with or without food, although, I am always an advocate for food when I am enjoying a glass!

As far as pairing this wine, there are many options. Anything from a sweet and sour salmon dish to beef stroganoff would be great options. Charcuterie pairings that stuck out to me were salty meats, olives, and gouda. Personally, I would love to enjoy this wine with a woodfired pizza topped with red sauce, pepperoni, olives, and mozzarella, or a Mediterranean-style pizza with oil, kalamata olives, feta, prosciutto, spinach, onions, and artichoke. The Petite Pearl is a great everyday wine with a ton of versatility!

Cellar 624
624 Main Ave Ste 4B, Fargo
Website |

4e Winery
3766 156th Ave SE Mapleton, ND
Facebook | /4eWinery
Instagram | @4ewinery

Written by Brady Drake

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