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Where Are They Now: Breezee & Ethan Hennings

In one of the many New in Town features, we learned about, what was at the time, the newest cider and brew bar in the community. Having just opened in 2018 we met Wild Terra Cider and Brewing owners, Breezee and Ethan Hennings, and learned about the process of opening this “Urban Cidery and Cider Bar.” Today, Wild Terra is known for its fantastic brews, unique establishment, an all-around good vibe and more. Let’s find out how this local favorite came to be just that, and what they have in store for their business!

Q: One of the biggest parts of owning a cider and brewing bar is the drink. How has the process of brewing and choosing the flavor changed from your opening to now? Have you experimented and found different ways of doing this?

A: Our mission has always been to show cider as an interesting and fun local craft option. We are creatives at heart, so the first few years we spent playing around with everything under the sun to create unique branding and different flavors. Now in 2022, we have really found that balance of approachable, drinkable and most importantly innovative ciders.

Q: At its opening, you told readers you wanted Wild Terra to be involved in the community as well as the local environment. How have you done that in your years since opening? What inspires you to continue that?

A: Part of Wild Terra’s mission statement is to promote not only good times but positivity and connection. So, for all of our events that has really been a focus—to connect the communities to new types of experiences, but also with a focus on fun. I try to create events that have never been done in Fargo.

Some of the events held at Wild Terra are:

  • Vintage Market
  • Plant Festival
  • Apple Harvest Festival
  • Its Okay to Not be Okay Party
  • (a celebration of Mental Health
  • Awareness that just began this
  • year, bringing in over 1,000
  • attendees!)
  • Fargo’s First Brunch Festival
  • (coming in 2023.)
  • Community apple donation (the
  • community can donate apples from
  • their backyards to go directly into
  • Wild Terra ciders!)

Q: In the first story, you talked about how important the design of your space is. How has Wild Terra’s space and feel changed throughout the years?

A: I do not think I will ever be done perfecting Wild Terra. To me, the atmosphere is like art and it is continually evolving with the times. It would be impossible to put into words all the things that have changed. I will say, I hope to continually impress people and make them feel happy when they party with us.

Q: Opening and owning a business (especially in recent years) is a challenge. Can you share any trial and error, learn-as-you-go experiences?

A: Ethan and I feel like we could write a book on all the things not to do. This is our first business, and we learned the hard way, it feels like, with everything. Many days and weeks [were spent] crying and lamenting over sake shots! But, you just have to keep at it and never give up in the face of constant failure.

Q: Back in 2018, we asked how Wild Terra had been received so far. Years later, it’s still a beloved spot in the community. Can you tell us about your customers and regulars, and your overall relationship with the community?

A: Never in our lives did we expect to have Wild Terra intertwined with so many people’s lives. It is something we talk about often, how lucky we are to have customers that we see several times a week and that has been going on for years. They really become family. We also rent out our loft and have had over 300 events including weddings. That has been so amazing too, to have Wild Terra be a part of peoples’ milestones. Surprisingly, we have had several couples that have had their first dates at Wild Terra, then we host their Bridal Shower and then their Baby Shower.

Q: What has been the most impactful experience in owning and running Wild Terra?

A: It is difficult to answer, but at least for me (Breezee) it has been personal growth. We have faced so many happy times and difficult times. And, raising our two girls, while being married (16 years this year!), has really taught me to take it one day at a time and to be thankful for everything no matter if it is a good day or bad.

Q: Do you have any exciting plans for the future or any goals for Wild Terra?

A: Yes of course! We have current strategies to expand across the local Midwest states and hopefully soon purchase land to start our orchard. Starting an orchard/ winery out in the prairie will not only provide apples for our cider but we plan to also start a non-profit to teach our local youths how their actions affect the environment and to connect them with positive ways to enjoy the outdoors.

As Breezee explained, Wild Terra stores a plethora of special moments, cherished memories and, of course, great drinks in its walls. Go experience some of your own today! Visit 6 12th St N Fargo, ND or to learn more, and take a trip down memory lane by reading Breezee and Ethans first story in the magazine at!

Written by Geneva Nodland

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