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What’s In Store For The Drekker Brewhalla Expansion

Connected to the West side of Drekker’s current building, you’ll see the beginnings of a large structure. Something that, just as their current space, will be called Brewhalla. Their new project holds the same name because this new expansion is really just that—an expansion needed in order to house ideas that have been in the works since they opened.

Mark Bjornstad and Hailey Von Wald of Drekker Brewing
Mark Bjornstad and Hailey Von Wald of Drekker Brewing

“What we’ve tried to do with the [current] brewery is to make this a safe community space. A place where we can have community conversations, raise awareness for charities, have good times; we get to double down on that with [the new] Brewhalla and make an even bigger space for that,” said Mark Bjornstad, President of Drekker Brewing and Brewhalla.

The massive project will include multiple areas for the community to utilize, including shops and markets, an events center and a hotel. All of the shopping and food featured will be from local makers and each hotel room will be individually designed after one of Drekker’s beer labels. “There are things [featured] that we think are a great mix of companies that make Fargo awesome…” Bjornstad said. “The people from out of town will instantly understand what makes Fargo so cool.”

They knew they wanted to include the events center, not only for hosting their own unique events, but for the community to utilize. Bjornstad said they often get requests to host corporate events, birthday parties, community events and weddings, and the new space will not only allow room for these events but in combination with the rest of Brewhalla, help to create an immersive experience for the people in attendance.

“What it really provides us is this opportunity to give Fargo and the visitors and the greater community, just this amazing experience as a community space, as a gathering space and a fun way to showcase all the cool things that we think are best about Fargo,” Bjornstad said.

They plan to open the doors of the Brewhalla expansion in Fall 2022.

“[We] just want the community to come in with an open mind… It’s a whole new concept to Fargo, so, come into it ready to experience something new,” said Hailey Von Wald, Supreme Experience Conductor of Drekker Brewing and Brewhalla.

You can catch a glimpse of the new building in process while visiting Drekker’s current location. Meet some friends and grab one of their many brews, or attend one of their community events to get a feel for what Brewhalla is really all about.

Drekker Brewing Company

1666 1st Ave N,
Fargo, ND 58102

Written by Brady Drake

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