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Trollwood Performing Arts School Has Programs For Every Age Group

Since 1978, Trollwood’s goal has been to provide foundational opportunities for students in the arts, no matter their area of interest—and although Trollwood was saddened to postpone the performance of “Singin’ in the Rain” till 2023, the performing arts school has many other exciting programs and events coming up this summer. Not only does Trollwood have opportunities for all age groups, they are also offering many different opportunities for grants and scholarships. We sat down with Trollwood Executive Director Kathy Anderson to highlight some of the exciting opportunities Trollwood is offering this coming June.


Trollwood Players

Over the last six years, the sketch comedy members of Trollwood have written and performed over 20 different hilarious sketches during the summers. These have only ever been showcased at Sun Celebration and Share Day. This year the Trollwood Players are excited to bring these student-created projects to the stage for their largest audience yet. Trollwood Players is for grades 8-12.


Art Spark

“I think one of the coolest programs we have is Art Spark,” said Anderson. “It’s such an awesome first experience for these kids because it’s essentially their first experience on stage in front of an audience.” Art Spark is a K-4 program that offers 14-week-long sessions, beginning in June. The students will learn a little of both acting and dance as well as the musical theater concept. At the end of the week, the students put together a little show for their friends and family to come enjoy, free of charge.

Trollwood’s June programs are the best opportunities to fuel your inner passion, and bring your inner talents to life.

[Our goal] is to provide an incredibly awesome arts opportunity for each age group”

-Kathy Anderson, Executive Director

Singin’ in the Rain 2023

“I think what is going to be really cool about the musical for next summer is that we’re starting some of the specialty items this summer,” said Anderson. “Including the movies within the show; we’ll bring some of our featured characters and a number of ensemble characters as well out here this summer to start putting awesome parts of the musical together.” In addition to that, Trollwood is hard at work on some of the specialty items, such as developing ways to have it rain on the stage for the musical. Anderson says the extra time to work on the fine details of the musical this summer will make Singin’ in the Rain that much better when it hits the main stage next summer. So even though the musical is not going to be performed this summer, a lot of the pieces are starting this summer.

One of Trollwood’s most unique offerings is their student leadership program, which goes hand-in-hand with its June programs. Essentially, students have the opportunity to be connected with a professional who will give them valuable hands-on experience that they wouldn’t get anywhere else. Whether it’s choreography, improv, film classes, or anything in between, this program brings a lot of value to students in taking them to the next level.

Trollwood Wants To Financially Support Your Dreams

Trollwood offers scholarships. Grants & Financial Assitance

Fargo and West Fargo public schools are encouraging students to get involved with the programs at Trollwood by offering $100 scholarships. Additionally, Trollwood has a program called the STAR Program, which stands for “students at risk.” Through the STAR Program, Anderson and her team try to make certain that every student has the opportunity to be involved in any program they are seeking by removing the financial obstacles for the students.

Not only does Trollwood offer scholarships for registration fees, but they also offer free bus transportation for all of their June programs if the students need extra financial support to get to and from classes. Additionally, Trollwood offers a meal program with financial support options available. At the end of the day, Anderson wants the programs at Trollwood to be accessible to everyone who wishes to be a part of their amazing opportunities.

More Info:

Phone: (218) 477-6500
Box Office: (218) 477-6502
Address: 801 50th Ave S,
Moorhead, MN 56560

Written by Brady Drake

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