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Trendiest Halloween Costumes 2022 & Where to Find Them in the FM Area

Picking out a Halloween costume can be a challenge, to say the least. As most people try to be stylish, funny and culturally relevant all at once, picking out the perfect costume takes some thought and preparation. As Halloween nears this year, let’s take a look back on some of 2022’s biggest pop culture moments that are sure to be Halloween hits!

Maverick From Top Gun

Everyone loves a good comeback story; and who wouldn’t want to dress up as one of the most recognizable stars of the 1980s? With Top Gun: Maverick crushing the box office this year, Maverick has once again become one of the most recognizable characters in pop culture. All that’s required is the classic bomber jacket and aviator shades, but make it your own by finding additional retro accessories!

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Any Character from ‘Euphoria’

Euphoria quickly became one of the trendiest shows on television amongst teens and adults. Pursue the look of any of your favorite characters, whether it be Rue and her simple red hoodie or Maddy’s sparkling dresses. Just don’t forget the over-the-top eye glitter!

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‘Jules’ from Euphoria
this years trendiest halloween costumes 3
Rue’ from Euphoria

Chaotic Couples

2022 was the year of chaotic celebrity couples. Between Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker, Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly and the (recently-ended) Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson, there was no shortage of drama in the celebrity tabloids this year. For the majority of these couple costumes, all that’s needed is a dress or suit, a similar hairstyle and an absurd amount of temporary tattoos!


Disney Princesses have always been a mainstay in the Halloween costume circuit. No matter the age, you can’t go wrong with picking your favorite Disney character! Sold at nearly every costume store and online, these are quick and easy to come up with for yourself or your children, especially if you’re short on time.

this years trendiest halloween costumes 7 1
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Snow White


Following the princess trend that stays immensely popular, who doesn’t love a good superhero costume? While superheroes have been a wildly popular Halloween costume idea for quite some time now, they’re arguably bigger than ever with Marvel continuing to pump out multiple billion-dollar films per year. Kids (and adults) can take this opportunity to dress up as their favorite superhero, whether it be Batman, Superman or any other larger-than-life character!

this years trendiest halloween costumes 8
Wonder Woman
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Dig the Harry Styles Vibe

Singer Harry Styles has taken the music scene by storm in recent years. Over the last year, he’s brought the 1970s fashion with him on his rise to the top. Most concertgoers of his have crafted 1970s-esque costumes for the shows, with many using them as their Halloween costumes as well. Don’t be afraid to blast to the past with an eye-popping retro costume!

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Relive the 80s with ‘Stranger Things’

After a multi-year gap, the hit Netflix television show came back and made a bigger splash than ever. Once again, the show revived audiences’ interests in the culture of the 1980s. Dress up as fan favorites Eleven or Eddie Munson, or do a duo costume with someone else as Robin and Steve! No matter your favorite character, you’re sure to have a stylish hit costume on your hands.

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Eleven from Stranger Things
this years trendiest halloween costumes 10
Eddie Munson from Stranger Things
this years trendiest halloween costumes 1
‘Marge Gunderson’ from Fargo

A Classic ‘Fargo’ Costume

Last but not least, it’s tempting to recreate the outfits from our very own beloved movie, 1996’s ‘Fargo.’ The film became a nationwide icon for the Midwest’s portrayal and developed a cult following over the decades. For the costume, it’s easy enough to pick up a police officer uniform, a thick brown jacket and a bomber hat at any local clothing or costume store!

Whether you follow one of our costume ideas or pursue an original idea, have a fun and spooky Halloween with family and friends. “You Betcha” we will!

Check out these local places below to get started on your Halloween Costume!

  • Spirit Halloween
  • Party City
  • Thrift Stores (Savers, Goodwill, Dakota Boys & Girls Ranch, etc)
  • Big-box Stores (Target, Walmart, etc)
  • Online Stores (Amazon, Facebook Marketplace, etc)

Written by Grant Ayers

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