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Treat Yo’ Self: Reiki At Hair Success Salon & Spa

Photos By Kayleigh Omang

Ever need a calming and healing escape? While there are several forms of healing and relaxation in our area, Reiki is perhaps the most unique. A form of what many deem “alternative medicine”, Reiki is widely misunderstood by many. It is certainly not the most traditional of healing and calming methods, but speaking from experience, it is quite effective.

But what is it exactly? We experienced and witnessed Reiki with Jane Welte-Fugere at Hair Success Salon & Spa.

What Does It Do?

Reiki is a form of Japanese healing and relaxation. In other circles, it is referred to as energy healing. Practitioners like Jane use methods like palm and hands-on healing to transfer universal energy to the patient. It is this universal energy that helps to heal and comfort.

“But what is healing?”

You might be asking yourself that very question currently. Many of us think of healing as purely physical. If we break our leg, it has to heal. However, what Reiki offers is more than just physical healing. The universal energy transferred into the body offers emotional, mental and spiritual healing. In that sense, it is not only a way to heal, but a way to calm and relax your mind, body and spirit.

The basis of this kind of healing is the Universal Life Force that is present in each and every being (including us, of course) on this planet. We are all connected to the same energy, although we may not realize it in today’s fast-paced life. To bring back this forgotten aspect of ourselves is what many people are trying to do these days through different methods, whether it is deep meditation techniques, or psychedelic experiences.

While this may sound extreme to some, it is a sacred and well-accepted practice in many cultures around the world. Entheogenic plant substances such as Ayahuasca have been used for thousands of years by ancient people, and the people of today as well, for holistic energy healing. Although thanks to science and research, there are now many alternatives to these that are easily accessible as well, and if interested, you can learn more about them by reading up resources like What are the Ayahuasca Analog Plants? 10 Best Ayahuasca Analogues.

Eastern Medicine (of which Reiki is a part) also makes use of many different aspects of spirituality, life energy, and more.
How Does It Work?

Jane began practicing Reiki after a friend performed it on her. During the session, Jane visualized a symbol in her mind. When her friend asked her to draw the symbol following the session, Jane’s friend was astonished. The symbol stood for Reiki which served as Jane’s calling to begin practicing Reiki.

A session can be either 30 or 50 minutes with Jane at Hair Success. She begins each session by excusing herself from the room to “gather” herself. Jane notes that energy transfer is much more difficult if she does not gather herself beforehand. With the lights low and relaxing music playing, Jane begins the Reiki session.

What ensues is Jane moving her palms above different parts of your body. Occasionally, she will touch a certain part of your body (in my case, it was my shoulders and arms). This is when the energy transfer is taking place. While Jane hovers her hands above you, some patients may experience physical or mental tics. Jane has had clients that have never blinked once during a session for example.

On occasion, you can actually feel the energy being transferred into your body. How? The heat radiated from Jane’s hands. While her hands hover, her hands can feel as hot as a stovetop, but upon touching them they are at room temperature.

Throughout the session, Jane will discuss with you what she is feeling. Following the session, you will have a sort of exit interview with Jane. This includes her asking what you felt and saw during this session. She will use this information to help advise you on what to do next.

npschmidt final 00132 1How Does It Pamper?

Speaking from experience, Reiki is a truly relaxing and calming way of pampering yourself. For example, here are a few things I felt before my session with Jane:

– My legs were incredibly sore from exercise earlier that day.
– My mind was completely scrambled. I was stressed and agitated from an event that had occurred at work earlier that day.

After my session with Jane, I had completely forgotten about that stressful work event. I was no longer upset or agitated at anything. I felt extremely calm and content. As far as my sore legs? It felt as though I had not exercised at all. I truly felt amazing.

I don’t think there is any better evidence of Reiki’s effectiveness and ability to pamper than that right there.

Hair Success Salon & Spa
3233 45th St S, Fargo

Written by Brady Drake

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