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Tips to Tackle Your NDSU Tailgate!

Whether you are a football fan or not, the tailgating experience at North Dakota State is a must-try for every Fargo-Moorhead resident. It’s an event that brings people from all walks of life together in the name of fun, food, community, partying and football

However, what those who have never attended an NDSU tailgating event don’t realize, and what the list at the end of the first paragraph can’t fully encapsulate, is that there is room for everyone at this event. There are groups sticking to themselves. Others in tents, buses or any type of home base setup you can imagine, welcoming in nearly anyone interested in joining their huddle. There’s a giant TV viewing area for those serious football fanatics to watch the 11 a.m., noon and 1 p.m. kickoffs. There are kids playing and tossing around the pigskin with one another. There are inflatable bouncy houses as well. And for the rowdier folks, there is plenty of partying to be done—especially in the center of the tailgate parking lot where the majority of college students congregate.

Where else can you choose your own adventure like an NDSU tailgate? You can watch football, have quality family time or even get the feeling of being at a We Fest-esque festival without committing little more than a Saturday morning.

So, hopefully, you’re sold, but maybe you’re still nervous about how to attack your first NDSU tailgate. We spoke with a long-time tailgater as well as some college students to get a couple of different tips for making the most of your NDSU tailgate.

Tips From The Experienced

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Lisa Gebeke has been tailgating with her family and friends for 12 years now and she has loved every second of it.

“These are awesome people,” said a friend of Gebke. “This is an awesome family who has put effort towards this for years.”

  1. Have a small, core group that all have the same goals and love for each other.
  1. Have a plan and have everyone pitch in to buy your lot as soon as possible.
  1. Have a spreadsheet and rotate who is preparing the main meal on a week by week basis.
  1. Let people into your space! We’ve even had the opposing team come in and drink with us.

Tips From Students

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Warning: Some of this advice is not sound or recommended and was collected from college students having a very good time.

  1. “Don’t dress warm, it gets hot. You can always underdress.” (We live in North Dakota. This is not true.)
  1. “For the love of God, eat something. Dear God, eat something if you are going to party.” (This actually is good advice, we recommend.)
  1. “Bring pre workout. You’ll get tired.” (Fargo Monthly does not recommend this. Use caffeine in moderation.)
  1. “Shotgun a Bang energy.” (See above. This is something you absolutely should not do.)
  1. “Don’t be one of those people not wearing something green or yellow.” (Good advice. Roll herd.)
  1. Have fun! (This is good advice. But be safe.)

Written by Brady Drake

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